WOW TV: Entertainment on your fingertip

WOW TV: Entertainment on your fingertip

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WOW TV, which was the company’s television service, had a few different plan options, some of which could be combined with the company’s internet connection and mobile offerings. WOW TV gives you the option to choose between three different packages if you are solely interested in watching television. With WOW TV Schemes ranging from 125 to 200+ channels and featuring premium alternatives, WOW TV provides offerings that are suitable for the majority of people who like watching television. WOW TV PLANS provides you with a guide that includes a collective guideline plan to assist you in making the most of your television subscription investment. Just pressing the GUIDE button on your remote will bring up the on-screen instructions in their entirety, where you can review the steps necessary to sign up for access and channel advice. The program that is associated with the Guide button displays the channel list as well as the programs that are presently being tuned to at the very top of the grid. A grid made up of rows and columns of information displays the upcoming programs as well as the channels that are next to them. You may scroll using the arrow buttons included on your remote control.


When it’s finally time to put your feet up and relax after a long day, WOW TV and the fascinating plans it offers will show you a selection of channels to help you go off to sleep. Channels provided by Spectrum vary according to ZIP CodeTM, however, WOW TV Schemes is the best choice for a carpet bundle since it provides access to at least 125 stations. Nfl, the Travel Channel, TBS, and TNT are just a few of the networks that air shows that are loved by the foundation pack.


WOW TV PLANS provides customers with three separate tiers of service to choose from.

  • The WOW Broadcasting PLANS plan provides the fewest number of channels, making it the most affordable option. The WOW Monthly premium is a TV plan that falls within the medium tier; however, unlike other medium-tier plans offered by other wholesalers, it comes with a bonus system that includes HBO® and SHOWTIME® for an additional cost. WOW Gold, the most extensive television package offered by WOW TV, has the most robust arrangement and comes equipped with value connections, hidden regional sports channels, and a lot of other features.
  • With the WOW Television platform, you can stream television to any device of your choosing. If you have one of WOW TV’s subscriptions, downloading the WOW TV app will not cost you any more money and will allow you to access your DVR, record appointments, watch live TV, and be as fond of and as necessary agreeable as you need to be on your mobile devices.
  • Every TV plan gives users access to WOW On-Demand, where they can watch programming from networks such as NBC, Fox, CBS, and FOX.

Advantages of Using the WOW TV 

  • Contract Buyout Program

The agreement may be found in the WOW TV PLANS. If you are breaking a deal with another organization and purchasing WOW’s plan, you could be eligible for the Buyout option. To participate in the buyout, you will need to fill out a form and send an email to your previous service distributor with a copy of the confirmation that you received on your most recent payment. As a thank-you for making the transition, WOW will give you a cash refund of up to $500 of the early-termination charge you paid.

  • Internet included with the package

WOW TV gives you the option of two different PLANS depending on whether or not you need a connection to the internet as well as a connection to the television service. The Double Play Select package is $89.98 per month and includes 125+ channels, free HD, and 200+ Mbps download speed. When you compare that to the price of $49.99 per month, with each commitment, for 200+ channels along with the internet, you can see how bundling your web and TV subscription will give you greater value for your money.

  • Guarantee of a Cash-Back Payment

If you enrol for WOW TV and find that you are unhappy with the service during the first 30 days, WOW TV will refund your money. To be eligible for a cash-back, you have to submit a demand for it within the first thirty days from the date on which the obligation was incurred or paid in advance. You may increase the recognition you get for your amount by using a variety of Amazing connections. In such a case, you will get the entire cashback amount without any deductions for taxes or service expenses being made.

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