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Now Whatsapp Your Train Food Order From Top Restaurants At All Railway Stations


You will now appreciate taking the train even more, all you individuals who already enjoy it. Why? This is due to the fact that you can now order food while traveling via WhatsApp. Jio Hapik and the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) have collaborate to provide customers with more practical food delivery alternatives inside of trains. Now, passengers traveling on Indian Railways may order food via a WhatsApp chatbot.

For the duration of their journey, passengers using Indian Railways may now Food Order In Train and have them delivered straight to their seats using their PNR number and a WhatsApp chatbot. The best part is that it’s simple to order meals and you don’t even need to download the Zoop app. Any approaching train station that is a stop on your train route will get delivery of the food. You may easily and hassle-free order your favorite cuisine using the Whatsapp service.

For food delivery aboard trains using WhatsApp, Zoop collaborates with Haptik:

In order to provide railway passengers with convenient food ordering and delivery on train trips, Jio Haptik Technologies Limited (Haptik), the world’s largest WhatsApp chatbot solution provider, and Zoop, an IRCTC partner for food delivery on trains, have teamed.

The WhatsApp-based self-service food delivery platform, which is powered by Haptik’s sophisticated Conversational Commerce capabilities, enables customers to order food and have it delivered directly to their seats with real-time order tracking, feedback, and support. At a few eateries at predetermined railway stations, passengers can easily place food orders by using their PNR numbers.

The availability of high-quality food on trains is increased thanks to the WhatsApp chatbot platform, which also assists passengers in overcoming network connectivity issues. At +91 7042062070, you can talk to Zoop on WhatsApp.

How to order food through whatsapp :

Here is how to use this chatbot platform to place a restaurant order in steps. Through which food order in train is easier.

Tap Hello in the WhatsApp chat window as the first step. A notification with a button to choose options appears.

Select the option to order food:

Your PNR number must be given. If you can’t recall it right now, then search by station or search by train option and fill out the required information.

Like your station on which you want your food, restaurant from where you want your food and then food item.

Haptik is leading WhatsApp commerce right now, and WhatsApp is by far the most widely used messaging programme. Swapan Rajdev, co-founder and chief technology officer of Haptik, was quoted in the announcement as saying that “our strong Conversational Commerce solution enables businesses like Zoop India to use WhatsApp as a platform to drive orders and create wonderful customer experience.”

WhatsApp And The Zoop App:

You can order through the IRCTC’s meal delivery app, Zoop, by using the Whatsapp chat bot service. The WhatsApp number to contact Zoop is +91 7042062070. Travelers will also be able to order food through the WhatsApp chatbot and have it sent to their seats thanks to the real-time service, which will bridge the network gap that they regularly encounter. The feature of the Zoop Food Delivery App supports online payments through a variety of services, including UPI and netbanking. Simply text the following number to the Zoop WhatsApp chatbot to place an order for food, and the chatbot will ask you to provide the basic information.

After that, the Zoop chatbot will assist you in selecting a restaurant, placing your order, and paying for it—all within the app. After that, all you have to do is wait at the subsequent station for your order. Where the delivery boy will give you your food.

Food that you can order using whatsapp :

You have the best opportunity to get  food order in train while traveling with the assistance of Zoop. let’s see some food that you can order with zoop whatsapp option.

  1. Combo meal: you can order many delicious combo meal

Chole Rice Combo: The chole rice combo is the perfect vegetarian cuisine if you’re searching for something quick, simple, and light.

Butter chicken combo: In the meal known as “butter chicken,” pieces of chicken are slowly cooked in enormous amounts of butter and cream.

The best meal choice while traveling is a rice and dal mixture.

There are many more combos you can go for.

  1. If you want complete meal then you can go for veg and non veg thali

Veg thali:

Mini Vegan Thali ,Paneer Veg Curries, and Pure Veg Dum. Vegan Standard Thali Thali-(120) Vegetarian Deluxe Thali,  South Indian Thali, Thali Pure Veggie Biryani, Servings of Biryani With Raita. Jain thali, satvik thali and more.

Non veg thali are :

Standard non veg thali, Non Vegetarian Deluxe Thali egg thali , chicken thali, non veg south indian thali, fish thali

  1. You can order dals like dal tadka, kabuli chana, rajma, chana dal, chholey, chana, dal arhar, moong dal, and sambhar.
  2. You can order light meal such as: poha, dosa, sabudana khichdi, uttapam, paneer dishes and many more
  3. You can also order punjabi food, south indian food, rajasthani food, gujarati food, mughali food, agra petha, biryani( all types), paranthas, chinese dishes, continental food, italian food, pure veg food , jain food , satvik food, bengali dishes, cakes, pizza, burger , beverages, juice and famous dishes if every state or city from where your train is going to pass.

All these can now be order in train, while traveling. With zoop whatsapp you can also do other things as well you can track your food location. You can take help from whatsapp only if you are unable to understand anything. Moreover anyone can access whatsapp. So old age and children are also able to order food of their own preference while riding the train. You can also customize the food according to your choice. Because some people like less spicy food. As everyone has their own preference. So with zoop you can order your favorite item.

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