Different Types of Party Platter Trays to Choose From

Different Types of Party Platter Trays to Choose From


Everyone enjoys a good party, right? Planning a party can be less fun. Being a host is a difficult task that involves preparing innumerable dishes, preparing pitchers of drinks, and cleaning up before and after. And throwing a party requires making a strong first impression. Thus, serving food that will mark your fine taste and create a lasting impression is a terrific method to do this. Your party food can be displayed in a variety of ways with lovely colors and textures. So, see how to create party platter trays to help you impress your guests.

Party platter trays make the ideal presentation for your party snack food because they are incredibly affordable and simple to put together. They frequently include one or more food presentation trays filled with a variety of snacks and dips. These trays contain a wide range of different items, although they all frequently consist of finger snacks of some description. The actual serving trays range in complexity from straightforward throwaway plastic trays with little decoration to sophisticated serving trays with distinct compartments for various dishes, dips, and sauces. Party platter trays are widely available from shops and eateries, but making your own can be cheaper and offer unique design aspects to a gathering.

There are a variety of alternatives available if you want to hold an event and serve food platters. Party platter trays may easily be the prettiest and even the tastiest way to impress guests with the correct ingredients—the majority of which do not require cooking—and strategic plating. These no-fuss party platters are definitely worth celebrating because they are loaded with cheese, chocolate, and dips.

Listed below are different types of party platter trays that you can choose from — and can even make your guests happy and satisfied!

Meat and Cheese Platter

Another typical design of a party platter tray is a platter of meat and cheese samples. Hard sausages and other similar cooked and cured meats are typically mixed together in these assortments. These trays often contain cheese in the form of tiny cubes or slices. But softer cheeses may alternatively be served on boards with cheese knives. Crackers or other bread products are frequently included on this style of party platter tray.

Additionally, a traditional meat and cheese board is a surefire hit. Choosing the best pairings, though, is the difficult part. Many people adore this board’s combination of flavors, textures, and pops of color from the fruit and olives. Even though most people enjoy the assortment as is, it can be enjoyable to experiment with other fruits and nuts, such as pistachios or spiced almonds.

Furthermore, if you choose to make this kind of platter, you should think about using meats like hot or mild salami, ham, kabana, prosciutto, and cured sausage. Prosciutto can be replaced with delicious Jamon Ibérico. And you might like to serve crackers, breadsticks, or a cut loaf of baguette alongside the meat. Gherkins, zucchini, and pickled onions all have fantastic flavors and go well with a buffet of meats that appear to be delectable.

Fruit Platter

Fruit is healthy, light, and can even work for any occasion. You will undoubtedly have a beautiful fruit tray if you combine the appropriate colors and textures. Thus, if you decide to serve a fruit platter as a healthy dessert after dinner or as a side dish for the family at the weekend barbecue, feel free to get creative.

A fruit platter is a serving tray that has several kinds of cut fruit presented on it. It is a common addition to breakfast buffets, events like parties and baby or bridal showers when snacks or appetizers are served. Even those with certain dietary limitations can benefit from a fruit platter because it is simple to prepare and healthy. This tasty and eye-catching platter can be created in a variety of ways and is completely tailored to your taste.

Kiwi fruit, mangoes, pineapple, and passionfruit decorated with a tropical platter will provide color and appeal. While grapes, oranges, watermelons, and pineapples will be more reviving and replenishing. You may add dark chocolate for dipping if you opt to serve a cherry and strawberry platter to make it a bit more thrilling and decadent. But then, no matter what, do not prepare your fruit plate more than 30 minutes before presenting it to preserve everything as fresh as possible.

Vegetable Party Platter Trays

Vegetable party platter trays are quite common, and are typically sold in numerous supermarkets. These trays frequently include a variety of freshly cut vegetables in convenient bite-sized portions. This type of tray typically has carrots, broccoli, and celery sticks. Although any vegetable that may be readily consumed by hand may also be present. For dipping the vegetables in, many of these trays come with one or more sauces.

A fresh vegetable and dip plate is a terrific idea. It not only adds a lovely splash of color. But it also provides a nutritious choice for anyone with particular dietary needs. Such as vegans, gluten-free, dairy-free, and more. A colorful trio of dips, such as beetroot, roasted capsicum, pesto, or hummus, will work nicely with a mixture of sugar snap peas, carrots, cucumbers, capsicums, cherry tomatoes, broccolini, and essentially anything else you have on hand.

Seafood Platter

Seafood is a fantastic alternative to serve during the summer season. And prawns and oysters are perfect for a seafood platter with lemon wedges to enhance the flavors. A useful addition is a seafood sauce that prawns can be dipped in. A larger platter meant to serve as the main course would benefit from the addition of seared rare tuna, smoked salmon, smoked mussels, crab or lobster, and even marinated baby octopus. Your seafood platter will stay cool and fresh if you put some finely chopped ice underneath everything.

Mediterranean or Mezze Platter

For your family and friends, a wonderful supper requires a perfect Mediterranean party platter. It has authentically excellent flavors, which are enjoyed by people, while creating a mouthwatering display. The Mediterranean bruschetta hummus platter is one of the most popular styles of Mediterranean party platter trays. This platter keeps things so understated that you do not even need to remove the hummus from the store’s packaging. It is dressed up with a thick balsamic glaze and a fresh bruschetta topping. Both of which are simple to prepare. You can set a bowl of additional chopped vegetables to the side so that guests can add more as desired. They make such a fantastic topping.

In this kind of party platter tray, dips and spreads like hummus, yogurt, and baba ganoush are frequently included. You might also come across muhammara, a flavorful but not overly hot red pepper and walnut spread. Along with items like olives, cheeses, tabbouleh, fresh and pickled vegetables, and fruits, certain types of bread, such as pita or lavash, are considered to be standard.

Bread and Dip

A bread platter is always a great addition to bulk up a platter menu. Whether it is freshly made seasoned tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole, seasoned pita crisps with hummus decorated with extra virgin olive oil, paprika, and toasted pine nuts, or fresh Turkish breast with olive oil, balsamic glaze, and house dukkha.

Key Takeaway

The fun of throwing a party depends on how worn out you are from all the preparation, of course. You can prepare like an expert, put together an Instagram-worthy feast, and still have energy with the help of these party platter trays.

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