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Home Renovation Tips Before Selling or Giving for Rent

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House appearance is a major factor in a client’s decision to rent or purchase a property. It is worthwhile to invest in improving the appearance of an apartment, whether you are looking to rent it out or sell it.

A well-maintained apartment will make it easier to sell a second-hand one.

According to the kitchen renovation Barrie Specialists, Because there is no one client, and the decor of an apartment is very personal, Home staging is about creating multipurpose spaces with neutral decoration in order to attract the most clients and increase their value at the time of rent or selling.

These are the jobs we do most often for clients who wish to revalue their apartments and we offer advice.


Paint walls, ceilings, and woodwork

Since the choice of color is personal, it is convenient to pick neutral colors such as white or brown. A light color will make the apartment appear larger and brighter, which will help attract potential buyers or tenants.


Floor restoration or renovation

The floors will look new again with good polishing and a coat of paint on the walls. Warm parquet can be used to replace floors that are in bad condition, old, or not good enough.


Remodel kitchen and bathroom

It is the most important room in your home, so it should be in good shape. It is sometimes not necessary to remodel it completely, but restoring a few items can make it look brand new.

You can renovate the floor, tiles, or furniture or apply special paint to tiles. This will hide the original drawing. Also, If you are in Wasaga beach, Canada you may want to know about the best services for kitchen renovations in Wasaga beach.

The following photos show the bathroom. A bathtub was removed and replaced by a shower. A sink was also installed. However, taps, walls, and floor coverings were not changed.



As long as the apartment is in good shape, we can condition the walls, ceilings, and floors. However, if the condition is poor or there are any pathologies like humidity, it will need to be evaluated.


Eliminate any unnecessary partitions and pillars

A major building permit and an architect are required. This will increase the cost of the project, but it can be a viable option if you need to gain space.


Join rooms

Rooms can be added or removed depending on what is needed in the area. Two small bedrooms can be combined by removing partitions. This will allow us to update the house. Nowadays, smaller rooms are more popular.


Create or delete Bathrooms

It is possible to build a new bathroom if you have the space. However, this can be costly work. If you have multiple bathrooms that aren’t needed or are too small, you can remove one and add another.


Open kitchen

An open-plan living space can be created by opening a small, poorly-used kitchen to the living room. This creates an open space that is in high demand.


Pay attention to the light

Bright floors are highly in demand today, so it is important to have the right lighting. A well-lit house will enhance the customer’s visual perception. The maximum amount of natural light should be used. If you only need to change a few elements or adjust the light, it is enough.


Don’t keep shabby furniture or old furniture!

A cluttered house will reduce the feeling of space and light which can be achieved by painting and lighting. It is important to remove unnecessary furniture from your home and replace it with furniture that adds warmth.

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