Why Little Content and Poor quality Website Rank well

Why do those websites with little content and poor quality website rank well and have high traffic? I often see some webmasters complaining about the Internet:

1) Why do some websites have very little content and are not updated usually, and all pages are only a dozen to twenty, so there is no way to see where the quality is high?

2) A certain website has tens of thousands of included pages, but in fact, many pages are all 404, and the actually included pages are only 20 or 30;

3) Most of the information content of some websites is less than 100 words, the layout is messy, the user experience is not considered at all, and the content relevance direction is also very poor. However, the search rankings and traffic of such sites are pretty good

However, websites that have worked so hard to update original articles often have their rankings drop. It is rare that a certain keyword has entered the homepage, and it has been ups and downs, and our hearts are very broken.

So the question is

Why do “bad” websites have good rankings and traffic?

Is the so-called content quality update really useful?

In fact, the traffic treasure definitely tells everyone: When you do website optimization, you must not forget the original intention!

We must understand that the mission of search engines must be to show better search results to users.

But at the same time, don’t forget that, although search engines have powerful algorithms, they are still a tool. They have a delay for some phenomena and do not have real-time updates.

When the certain performance of certain websites continues to occur, and this phenomenon continues to expand, search engines will stop it.

So, this is why the phenomena we mentioned above appear.

Of course, the Internet environment depends on everyone, and we have the right to maintain search results from the perspective of users. For unreal and imperfect pages, we can give feedback to search engines to improve search performance.

Just like some time ago, the editor also encountered a phenomenon, that is, when Baidu searches for “Yubao”, there will be an introduction to Baidu Baike on the search result page. In Baidu Baike, there is an introduction to relevant terms, but the search results page shows Are the entry of the traffic treasure mobile app, and it is no longer accessible.

Maybe Baidu review needs to deal with so many page complaints every day, and the efficiency of handling the problems will indeed be slower (even if it is still not displayed normally).

Although the reality is often far from our dreams, there is always nothing wrong with sticking to the right direction.

When we encounter “bad money driving out good money”, what we need to do is to protect the position of “good money” instead of turning it into “bad money”, because one day, “bad money” will be eliminated, Lose.

Chubb and everyone sticks to the position of good currency and look forward to the improvement of the Internet search environment.

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