Where Do You Recommend Consumer Finance?

What are your recommendations for consumer finance? What role does screening play in consumer finance?

Consumer Finance

To use the recommended consumer finance, you must first pass the exam, which is always a pass/fail arrangement.

As a result, I’d want to discuss the industry standard for recommended consumer finance screening.

It is often said that the key points to pass the recommended consumer finance examination are that you have a certain amount of stable income, that you meet the conditions for birth (on average, from the 20s to the near 66s), and that you borrow from other companies.

There are three weak situations (nothing at all, up to one company). To put it in detail, there are still many things, but at least if you clear these three points, the percentage of passing the examination will be quite high. 

If possible, I think it is better to check the examination arrangement of the request destination in advance.

Following that, I’d want to discuss three items to keep in mind while making a request. To begin with, one possibility is that there is no input error. The neighbourhood of the store or bank can determine whether a mistake or clue was purposely filled in or missing, even if it was done accidently.

Especially when you apply with a tablet or mobile phone outside, or when you try to complete the procedure in a hurry, it is especially easy to make a mistake in inputting, so please be careful.

The two-point line of sight is to keep the combination of borrowing limits conservative. Bank recommended consumer finance does not have adjustments like the total amount adjustment of cashing of recommended consumer finance, but when borrowing money for the first time, it is more tied to shops and banks than borrowing a large selling price.

I think it is better to give priority to building and to apply for the minimum amount as much as possible. That will give the other person a good impression, and it will be easier for shops and bank neighborhoods to approach the procedure in a comfortable and positive attitude, and it will be easier to pass the examination.

The three lines of sight are that you do not apply to multiple vendors or banks at the same time. It is counterproductive to make multiple applications to increase the percentage of people who pass the examination, and it is highly likely that they will be mistaken for borrowing for payment, or that the number of payment locations will increase and the repayment ability will decline. is. 

It is wise to avoid these movements of applicants, as they are known to shops and banks through the credit reporting office. Be especially careful when asking for bank-related recommended consumer finance, which will be overwhelmingly disadvantageous for screening, so please be careful.

Depending on the other shops and banks, the points that may be advantageous for examination are the situation where you are a large corporate workplace or a public employee due to the stability of the post, the situation where you have public insurance or union insurance, and the financial margin.

Because I have an image, I live alone with my parents in my home, I have a fixed mobile phone in the building because of the certainty of contact information, I live in the building all year round, I went bankrupt in the past from the idea of measuring repayment ability The situation where voluntary ordering / civil rehabilitation is not performed, the situation where there is no delay in payment of tablets or tablets or purchase with a credit card, the situation where there is no delay even when borrowing from other companies, etc. are also advantageous for examination. increase. 

In particular, the history of borrowing from other companies, the current balance of borrowings, and the presence or absence of delays are especially important, so it is recommended that you leave the room before making a new request.

Know how to pay for consumer finance!

With the recommended use of consumer finance, I am also wondering what kind of payment methods are available. The payment method officially refers to wallet withdrawal, wallet transfer, storefront reception, ATM application, Internet banking application, but here it is called “calculation”, and what kind of calculation is used in a month to return and go out. Or, I would like to talk about the “payment method” that corresponds to that method. I will talk about it as a payment method, so please accept it.

At first glance, there seem to be many recommended payment methods for consumer loans, but in reality, many of them are based on the three methods of balance skid calculation, fixed rate revolving calculation, and principal fixed rate revolving method, and are derived from them.

It seems that it is often the same method just by changing the method or the name. For example, balance skid calculation includes balance slide revolving calculation, balance skid principal and interest fixed amount payment calculation, borrowed selling price slide revolving calculation, and balance skid principal and interest fixed amount payment calculation.

The basis of these payment methods is revolving payment, which is familiar even in commercials, and this indicates a method of continuing to pay a fixed amount for one month. Regardless of the amount of borrowing, the payment method that the monthly payment amount does not change except for the end monthly income of payment, that is the method of revolving payment. 

If you borrow more in the middle of payment, the payment time will be extended and interest will be charged, and the payment amount will not change. It is easy to forget that even if the payment time is extended, the payment selling price does not change and the payment amount is increasing, so be careful. 

I think it’s better to think carefully about whether to repay early even if the monthly payment is a little tight, or to choose the one that makes monthly payment easier.

Next, I would like to talk about the three payment methods I have just mentioned. First of all, about the first fixed rate revolving calculation (also called fixed amount revolving payment including principal and interest, fixed amount payment calculation of principal and interest.

This method is a method of paying a fixed amount for one month other than paying a fraction in the end month. However, in order to keep the amount fixed for one month, the cost of repayment principal and interest itself is characterized by changing one month. It is necessary to pay close attention to how the principal and interest are reduced.

Next is the principal fixed rate revolving calculation. This method is a method of paying the borrowing cost by multiplying the payment amount by a predetermined fixed rate and adding the interest for one month. 

Since the fixed rate is multiplied by the borrowing cost, not the balance, the payment cost does not change even if the payment progresses, but the interest payment decreases. 

However, if you borrow the attached loan during payment, the composition of the repayment amount will be complicated, so you need to be careful about that point.

The last is about balance skid calculation . This method is literally a mechanism in which the repayment amount fluctuates according to the loan balance. Please note that as the repayment amount decreases, the borrowing balance will decrease less and the payment time will become longer, and you will have to pay more interest. 

As long as you have three feelings, which method you will repay depends on which shop or bank you borrow from, but if you can afford it, you can repay more as soon as possible, so as soon as possible. It is important to always keep in mind pulling back.

How to calculate interest rates and yields for consumer finance?

If you use recommended consumer finance, you will always hear the keywords interest rate, yield, and interest, but since there are similar views, what is the actual situation, what kind of relationship do they have with each other? I think that there are many things that you do not know if it can be calculated by the calculation method. So, here, I would like to talk about those situations in order.

The first thing to keep in mind when applying the recommended consumer loan is the principal, which is the selling price of the debt you actually borrowed. And the fee found by multiplying this principal by a certain yield is the interest. 

The constant yield here corresponds to the interest rate. There are three types of interest rates: daily interest, monthly interest, and annual interest. As you may have noticed, the annual interest rate is used in the expression of the interest rate of debt in the economic specialist association. 

It is often referred to as the actual annual rate, but you can think of it as a word that has almost the same meaning.

If you know how much interest you have borrowed for the recommended consumer finance, you can also calculate how much interest you will pay and go out. 

Since the recommended consumer finance costs interest for the borrowed time, it is also necessary to report how many days you borrowed in the interest composition. So, if you mix what I have talked about so far, you can calculate by principal x interest rate ÷ 365 days x borrowing time.

For example, if you borrow 300,000 yen and pay off in 30 days with an annual interest rate of 18.0%, the interest will be 4438 yen for 300,000 x 18.0% ÷ 365 days x 30 days. Simply put, you will pay 18% interest on the borrowed sale price. 

On the other hand, monthly interest is the ratio of interest accrued per month, and daily interest is the ratio of interest accrued throughout the year, but this rarely appears in cashing and recommended consumer finance.

Next, I would like to talk about the relationships between each word. First of all, interest rate and yield, interest rate and interest rate, annual rate and annual interest rate are all words with the same meaning. 

In terms of interest rate and interest rate, it is better to think of interest rate as the ratio of interest rate and interest rate as the rent paid when borrowing the principal. Regarding the actual annual interest rate, which is also called the annual interest rate, this is examined when the user first applies for a loan to cashing or recommended consumer finance, but in the process it costs an insider and document preparation, so of course The total must be borne by the user.

However, it is difficult to calculate the total for each offer, so shops and banks have included the total in the total interest rate in advance, and it is stipulated in the agreement to do so. 

The interest rate including the various expenses is the cause of the actual annual rate. This interest rate = actual annual rate is 20% if the borrowing cost is 100,000 yen or less, 18% if the borrowing cost is 100,000 yen or more and 1 million yen or less, and 15% if the borrowing cost is limited to 1 million yen. 

If you know these quantities, you can use the simulations on various pages of the Internet to understand the standard of monthly interest, monthly repayment amount, and payment time Based on the amount calculated, it would be good to apply for the recommended consumer finance of the shop or bank that suits you.

How different is the interest rate on consumer finance in a month?

I think that there are many third parties who pay attention to the set interest rate when considering which shop or bank’s recommended consumer finance. 

I think it is natural because the monthly interest rate is also determined by how much the interest rate is. So, here I would like to talk about how much the monthly repayment amount changes depending on the difference in interest rates of each shop and bank.

The recommended interest rate for consumer finance is expressed in a wide range such as 4.9% to 17.7%, and the interest rate is determined in this high and low range, but how much interest rate is actually applied with this amount alone I don’t know. 

The recommended interest rate for consumer finance decreases as the loan cost increases, and increases as the loan cost decreases, so if the borrowing limit is a special 5 million yen, it will be adopted when you borrow 5 million yen, and the interest rate will be borrowed. It is adopted when you borrow the minimum combination cost of the limit.

Explaining the above to the situation of Promise’s interest rate, Promise’s interest rate, that is, the actual annual rate is 4.5% to 17.8%, and the borrowing limit is 100,000 to 5 million yen, so 100,000 yen. If you borrow it, it will be 17.8%, and if you borrow 5 million yen, it will be 4.5%. 

This interest rate is set within the range of the interest rate at the peak rate based on the Interest Rate Regulation Law. Specifically, it is stipulated that the interest rate should be 20.0% if the loan cost is within 100,000 yen, 18.0% if the loan cost is within 100,000 to 1 million yen, and 15% if the loan cost is limited to 1 million yen.

Some shops that offer consumer finance services recommended by banks do not list interest rates for each selling price on their website. Therefore, let’s compare the interest rates of the top five banks that post the interest rates for each selling price on their website. 

Here, it means that you borrowed 100,000 yen, and we will calculate it without assuming that you will have to pay for the attached food at the time of the bonus or any cost. 

First, the interest rates are 7.99% for SBI Sumishin Bank, 12.6% to 14.6% for Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, 14.0% for Mizuho Bank, 12.0% to 14.5% for Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, and 14.5% for Rakuten Bank.

By simulating this based on the latest bets at the present time, considering the payment time as a year and converting this into the repayment amount to be restored in one month (taken as 30 days), Sumitomo SBI WEB Bank is 8698 yen, Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank costs 9007 yen, Mizuho Bank costs 8979 yen, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation costs 9002 yen, and Rakuten Bank costs 9002 yen. 

As I said at the beginning, this is the current repayment amount calculated based on the latest bet, and the repayment amount is always changeable, so please consider it as a standard.

Even so, there is a difference in repayment amount of about 310 yen per month between SBI Sumishin Bank, which has the smallest repayment amount, and UFJ Bank, which has the largest repayment amount in Mitsubishi. 

I think that it depends on the person whether this selling price is about this or a big one, but those who are aware that this difference will increase as the amount borrowed increases. I think that is good. Keep in mind that even though interest rates don’t seem to differ that much, they actually do.

How to borrow secretly without being exposed to the household in consumer finance!

The recommended consumer finance sounds like a beautiful word at first glance, but it must still be a debt, so if possible, I would like to borrow it secretly without being exposed to my family. 

So, here I would like to talk about what kind of cases are expected if they are exposed to the household, and whether there is a way to prevent them from being exposed.

The recommended consumer finance may be leaked to the household, such as the situation of mobile phone backing from shops and banks to back up the person, the situation where cards and documents are sent to the house, regular mail such as details etc.

Isn’t it the situation that was sent, the situation that the payment was delayed and the payment was delinquent, etc.? Therefore, I would like to verify in order whether there are countermeasures for these assumed categories.

First of all, it is OK if you set your tablet or tablet as a contact, not the confirmed phone of the house, to support the mobile phone to the house. 

Also, don’t forget to delete the itinerary each time so that you don’t have to worry if it is seen in your area. In the recommended consumer finance screening, it may be advantageous to have a fixed mobile phone in the house, but especially young people may not have a fixed mobile phone even if they have a house now, so whether or not they have a fixed mobile phone It is said that the inspiration sent to the examination is gradually disappearing. 

Even if you have a confirmed mobile phone, the shop or bank neighborhood will not give you the name of a post if you cannot confirm that you are the person. However, even if you change the phone, if your family is nearby, it is important to have a good and natural dialogue this time.

Next, regarding cards, documents, and mail, if it is recommended consumer finance, Mobit Promise Acom Aiful, if it is bank-related recommended consumer finance, Lake, etc. can be processed on the entire site, and mail Even if it is delivered by, it will be sent with the sender’s nickname that you do not know if it is a recommended consumer finance offer from a cashing store or bank. 

If it is a promise, you can get the card issued immediately if you receive the card at the time of application at the storefront or at the automatic fastening machine. For mail, please set the details to support Electronic Plus.

Also, with Acom, the method at the time of request is the same as Promise, and unless you specify payment to the storefront or ATM and set the payment method to wallet withdrawal, the details will not be mailed. Even with AIFUL, the procedure for applying is the same as for Promise, but if you say “applied statement labor” at the time of contract, you will not be sent anymore. 

For Mobit, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation or Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ has an ordinary deposit and savings wallet, prepares a post license (license / passport level) and earning license (source increase vote / offer details), and provides a public insurance sign and provision details.

If you have one, you can also support your enrollment, which is very convenient. Mobit can also be applied without a card.

Basically, in order to prevent debt from being exposed to the household, it is most important to keep the passbook and receipts strictly so that they will never be seen . If you are careful so far, there is no third party in your family who can open all the mails of people without permission, a third party who will follow you when you go out, and a third party who can distinguish people’s personal computers without permission.

The above is perfect preparation. In other words, if you keep it up to this point, there is no mistake even if you think that it is hardly exposed to your family.

About goods necessary for borrowing the same day loan of consumer finance

When using same-day loans for consumer finance, there are a number of things to prepare before applying and being evaluated. So, here, I would like to talk about what should be prepared specifically. 

What you chat with here is something that seems to be the minimum required even if you use consumer finance or banks at any time, and if you have all the things I talked about, it is not okay to apply anywhere. You may need your own items, so don’t forget to compare them in advance.

The items required for applying for a same-day loan for consumer finance can be broadly divided into self-assessment records and asset confirmation records. First of all, the self-comparison record is the so-called work authorization within the expiration date, physical condition insurance symbol, passport, national backbone ledger card (only for secret people.

Goods within half a year from the donated Nikko), foreigner’s explicit symbol etc. It is a real record that goes up to the position confirmation. If the location listed in the above positioning license is different from your current address, please prepare a receipt for public charges such as electricity and water, a seal license, and a copy of your national card.

Next is the asset license. This is necessary depending on consumer finance and banks, but it is necessary when you want to borrow a certain amount of profit or more, and you want to borrow it from 500,000 yen to 1 million yen almost everywhere. In some cases, you should consider it almost necessary. 

Specifically, it will be a record certifying the applicant’s assets such as a source collection slip, a national tax decision notification or tax payment notification, a salary license, a tax return, a wage statement within a few months, and an incentive statement. There may be cases where you need something else, so be sure to compare.

Also, if you wish to WEB, you will be asked to send a movie of positioning license or asset license, so it is better to shoot in advance using the camera contents or application of your smartphone or mobile phone. 

In addition, depending on the consumer finance, there are stores where the confirmation of enrollment by telephone for the applicant’s work at the end of the evaluation can be replaced with the wage statement of the group or the symbol of the worker, so each person who wants wants a small loan. Even if you do, you need to have those records ready.

And if you wish, for the sake of consciousness, prepare a passbook or notebook that shows the pocket number of the bank for deposit, and if you are borrowing from another company, prepare a memorandum or a notebook that you can nod to select. I think it’s okay to stay. 

Also, when registering at the automatic contract timing of Mujin-kun, etc., which is set up by major consumer finance companies, load the positioning license, asset license, etc. into the device, check yourself, and then fill in the required record. It will be a form that goes on.

Same-day loans for consumer finance can be requested not only on the WEB and automatic contract timing, but also by store request, fax, mail, etc., but in any case, please be sure to have writing tools and a registered seal. 

Furthermore, if you have a credit card and want to use the same-day loan range of consumer financing of that card for the first time, sophisticated registration is not required, and you may use it with easy registration, but I will explain it just in case. Let us read the book and corroborate our findings.

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