When a Female Student Learnt Piano

Girls seemed to prefer that boys learn BGM, so I began learning from Yamaha’s BGM class when I was three years old. I switched to training and learnt piano and electone while I was in elementary school, and I continued to learn until I was in junior high school.

When a Female Student Learnt Piano

Because of my Learnt Piano skills, I was occasionally assigned to provide piano accompaniment during BGM confession meetings for elementary and junior high school kids.

You could believe you were practicing quickly based on the report, but as I stated at the outset, I was training because the females wanted to learn, so I’m not feeling rushed (laughs).

So I practiced sometimes and stopped other times, and even when I did start practicing, I just did a bit the day before the training.

However, I’m glad I learned the piano

It went off without a hitch, and I can roughly identify which Hibiki keyboard I’m using. I also want to go to a musical instrument store and play the piano, even if I stop taking piano lessons. I’ve been learning since I was a child.

I enjoy playing the piano because it allows me to be creative.

I’ve never gone out of my way to learn the piano, and it’s often paid off.

It’s wonderful to do it as a YOUNG taste, in my opinion.

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