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Have you heard about Nitropack WordPress Plugin website speed optimizer. Do you know about Nitro Plugin? If you are hearing about this plugin for the first time.

No matter, if you have a site built on WordPress, you will realize that the site on WordPress usually opens a delay time, which leads to less traffic to the website, which increases the bounce rate of your site. Or in seo point of you its very bad.

Speedup Your Website Effortly with NITROPACK

NitroPack is a one-stop shop for performance enhancement. It includes everything you’ll need for a super-fast website. NitroPack provides it all: image optimization, code minification, caching, CDN, and slow loading.

You can have a fast website too.

NitroPack optimises everything in the cloud. As a result, it’s a very light solution with a smaller CPU overhead than traditional caching plugins.

Without the need for additional configuration, our service includes the following (usually paid extra) functionalities:

  • Amazon Cloud Front CDN — We serve your static assets from an Amazon Cloud Front-based CDN.
  • Image optimization — we optimize and convert all of your photographs to WebP automatically.
  • Cache Warm-up – We make sure your most critical pages are always optimized.

Average Pass Rate:

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Average pass rate improvement for LCPicon chart


Average pass rate improvement for Core Web Vitalsicon thunder


Increase in average Speed Scores

Besides these, NitroPack has a number of unique features and advantages, including:

  • Setup is incredibly simple, making NitroPack a delight to use. There is no technical setup required, nor is there a 15-step installation procedure. You don’t even need to be a programmer to set it up. You’ll be done in no time if you follow these four instructions.
  • NitroPack operates on copies of your site files, so there’s no chance of destroying your original files. You’re unhappy with the outcomes of an optimization? It’s no problem. Clear your cache and begin again. Even if you disable NitroPack, your site will revert to the state it was in before you installed our plugin.
  • Cache Invalidation – instead of removing cache files, you can invalidate them. While a new copy of the cache is being built in the background, NitroPack can continue to serve your visitors from cache. Cache invalidation is extremely useful in high-traffic circumstances, such as campaigns. It enables you to keep your site updated while still serving cache to your visitors. Cache invalidation is also automatic with NitroPack. (Scroll down to the “NitroPack and Campaigns” section for more information.)
  • Most plugins that enable crucial CSS capabilities prepare a single critical CSS file per post type, which is customised to each of your unique layouts. Even if you have different layouts for the same post type on different pages. NitroPack recognises this and creates custom crucial CSS for each layout. NitroPack additionally employs separate essential CSS for each device type because desktop and mobile devices have distinct viewports.
  • 😉
  • NitroPack will locate and optimise any resources linked into your theme, even those that are hardcoded into your CSS files (even if they are multiple levels down a @import chain).

The setup does not necessitate any technical skills.

All you have to do now is choose between Standard, Medium, Strong, or Ludicrous optimization levels. NitroPack takes care of everything else.


  • Minify HTML
  • Minify CSS files and inline CSS defined in style tags and attributes
  • Reduce the size of JavaScript files and inline script tags.
  • Compression of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Brotli and Gzip compression
  • Images should be optimised.
  • Convert to WebP format
  • Images that load slowly (including CSS background images)
  • Iframes that load slowly
  • Amazon Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • For YouTube and Vimeo embeds, image previews are available.
  • CSS should be deferred.
  • Defer JavaScript
  • Optimization of font rendering
  • Prefetching DNS
  • Out of the box, it’s compatible with mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms.
  • Multi-site compatibility
  • Scheduled posts are supported.
  • Compatibility with online stores
  • Support in multiple languages
  • Mechanism for loading advanced resources
  • Web workers are used to preload resources.
  • NitroPack will automatically update its cache files when you make changes to your website’s content.
  • Caching of specific pages can be disabled.
  • Any resource can be excluded from optimization.
  • Option to disregard URL parameters that don’t change the content of your sites (e.g., utm source, utm campaign, and other campaign parameters)
  • Integration with Cloudflare
  • Integration with Sucuri
  • Integration of a generic reverse proxy (NGINX, Varnish, etc.)
  • There is no requirement to connect to a database.


When running a campaign, there are two key challenges that frequently arise. Each visitor first sends a unique URL request to your server. Second, if you change the content on your site, you will lose your cache.

When it comes to both of these concerns, most optimization plugins fall short. NitroPack includes two significant features that help you survive in these high-traffic circumstances at the same time:

  1. When looking up a cache file for a campaign request, NitroPack recognises campaign parameters in the URL and ignores them.
  1. Cache invalidation – When you update your website’s content, caching plugins must delete their cache and begin rebuilding it. Your visitors will no longer be served from cache if a purge occurs during a high-traffic period. Your server will also have to work harder to create new cache files. As a result, your website’s user experience suffers.
  1. Instead of emptying the cache, NitroPack invalidates it, which solves the problem. NitroPack can renew the cache files in the background using this way. Simultaneously, you continue to serve your clients from slightly out-of-date cache files. As previously stated, this occurs automatically. During a crucial campaign, you don’t have to be concerned about caching.

So, if you want a fast website right now, go over to the Installation section and download NitroPack.


WordPress is made to only have one active page cache solution at a time, as conflicts can emerge otherwise. NitroPack should not be used in conjunction with another caching plugin, such as:

  • WP Rocket
  • Autoptimize
  • Swift Performance
  • WP Fastest Cache
  • WP Fastest Cache Premium
  • Powerpack (WPTouchPro)
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Breeze
  • PhastPress
  • WP Super Cache
  • Litespeed Cache
  • Swift Performance
  • PageSpeed Ninja
  • Comet Cache by WP Sharks
  • Hummingbird
  • SG Optimizer
  • WP-Optimize – only the page caching must be disabled, not the entire plugin
  • Smush – only the lazy load option must be disabled, not the entire plugin
  • JetPack – only the lazy load option must be disabled, not the entire plugin
  • ShortPixel – only the WebP conversion option must be disabled, not the entire plugin


The NitroPack plugin performs the function of a service. It sends/receives data to our API servers, which handle all optimizations.

As just a consequence, our infrastructure bears the brunt of the burden. NitroPack ensures reduced CPU overhead for your servers in this way.

Please visit: to discover more about what NitroPack offers as a service, as well as the data it collects and utilizes.

Make More Money with a faster Website.

  • Increase the number of conversions.
  • Improve the user’s experience.
  • Get a leg up on the competition.

With NitroPack, you get everything you need for a fast website, in one place. Features like caching, image optimization, and a CDN are ready to go out of the box.

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