New webmasters are easy to make mistakes

New webmasters often make some common mistakes due to a lack of experience, technology, and funding. Here are a few.

  1. Copy the content of other stations directly. Seeing that other sites have content suitable for your own website, it is quite easy to copy and copy directly, but because it is not original, it is difficult to be included by search engines, or it is easy to be handled by search engines as garbage stations. Here’s some breaking news for all of those webmasters: Quality material is what visitors expect! Sure, some people will be blown away by how much information you have on your website, but those visitors will learn more and will soon be well beyond your design level.
  2. Advertising everywhere, affecting the reading of normal content. New webmasters often put more advertisements on the website, sometimes even overwhelming, hoping to get higher advertising revenue, but the effect of doing so is usually counterproductive. Too many advertisements will only make your website valuable decline!
  3. Change keywords frequently. Search engines don’t like websites that frequently change keywords. Frequent changes will make it difficult for your website to rank in front of search engines.
  4. The website is unstable. Many new webmasters will make use of free space as a site, but there is no free lunch in the world. Such a space can often only support small website traffic, and the stability of the website will be quite unreliable, so sites that are interested in long-term development Long should be avoided as much as possible.
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