Most Malicious Computer Viruses in the World last Month 2022

This is the Most Malicious Computer Viruses in the World last Month 2022. Trojans were still the most successful instrument for carrying out cyber assaults, according to Panda Security, which produced a list of the most important harmful code detected last month. Trojans accounted for 25% of the world’s cybercrime in November.

The most common malware families found in November were adware (23%), worms (9%), and spyware (3%) of all accessible infections. This month, there’s also the Downloader.

For the fourth month in a row, the MDW virus was named the most dangerous computer malware in the world.

This malicious malware, which has the highest rate of dissemination and destructive activities in many nations, including Iran, frequently penetrates local systems or networks through unpatched security gaps and can hide from many security applications.

The most major negative effects of Downloader are the involvement of security software installed in the system and the lowering of their deterrent strength, over-use of bandwidth and severely slowing network operations, as well as leaving it exposed to the entrance of other viruses. Are. Lineage, MDW, MDW, MDW, MDW, MDW, MDW, MDW BZE, a password-stealing programme that specializes in credentials for online computer games, as well as the well-known and extremely deadly Brontoke.

The next most prevalent rankings are for the H worm, which is usually released to impair computer activity.

The most destructive viruses of the last month. The following is a list of major malware discovered in November 2007: Downloader.MDW.

  •  Downloader.MDW
  •  Lineage.BZE
  • Brontok.H
  • Puce.E
  • Autorun.DZ
  • VideoAddon
  • Dropper.UN
  • Perlovga.A
  • Hupigon.AZG
  •  PC-Prot

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