Lesson 27 More Advanced Training with Breakpoint in Debug codes #c

Today is our lesson no 27 and today i will teach you about Lesson training with Breakpoint in Debug codes #c. We developed a simple Breakpoint in the previous courses. However, when working with Breakpoints, especially in the Visual Studio environment, there are many more options.

Of course, Microsoft appears to be involved. These capabilities have been deactivated in Visual Studio Express editions, although they are still available in the higher version.

Condition feature:

This Subject allows you to identify a condition, and when that condition is right or true, or its value changes, a Breakpoint is triggered. This capability is quite useful when working with higher-level code. For instance, if you want the software to stop running under particular circumstances.

For example, suppose you have a loop loop that will repeat several times before reaching the desired code.

In such circumstances you can by specifying a condition or Condition and adding it to Breakpoint, Control the conditions. We have created the following example to show the Condition feature:

static void Main(string[] args)
 for(int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
 Console.WriteLine("i is " + i);

Place t on the code line that displays the output on the confesole. Then the program perform it. Breakpoint occurs every time the ring is repeated. But that’s not what we follow Are.

May want Breakpoint only when I am equal to 4). The 5th time of the loop (active Become.

So add the condition 4 == I to Breakpoint.
Breakpoint is now shown with a white circle inside it and says that to run has a condition And it runs when the value of the variable I is 4.

You can also add the “Changed Has” option to tell Debugger only when The result changed, enable Breakpoint, an example when the value changed from True to False.


Using the Count Hit feature you can set another condition for running Breakpoint
The number of times will Breakpoint occur in the code.

For example, you can decide that Breakpoint, a specified number of times in the unpublished code cause Run the program. There are different settings for the condition that you can get them in the time of work.

Change the program level.

: When Hit Ability

When Breakpoint arrives, this window can dictate how the application should behave. This is perhaps most useful when you don’t want the programme to terminate when it reaches Breakpoint, but instead want a specific message or a macro to run. This feature allows you to create a custom message in the application process and determine and print specified information. You can use Determine Macro to run the Breakpoint point as soon as the programme starts in more sophisticated scripts.

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