Lesson 26: Learning to work with the Window Tool in Visual Studio

Learning to work with the Window Tool in Visual Studio. Changed the bottom of the programme and new windows appear) regardless of whether you turn them off or not Activate new windows labelled “Locals”, “Watch”, “Strack Call”, and “Immediate” when doing code debugging in Visual Studio.

Window Tool in Visual Studio

“Window, which are related to Debugging operations. In this section, we will review each of the tools
the payment.

Locals window:

This is the most basic tool in this section. When the programme reaches a breakpoint, this window displays all Local code variables, allowing you to quickly inspect them. View details like name, kind, and amount. You can even type in the name of the variable you want to use. To give the selected variable a new value, click the table and select a “Value Edit” item. You can use this work to test programme codes in a variety of additional circumstances.

“Watch”, “Strack Call”

The Window Watch window is somewhat similar to the Locals window. With the difference that in this window you can Decide which variables to set as local or global.

you can Drag your desired variable to the location of the page code, or the Locals window, or write its name in the last blank line; Monitor and add to the Watch window. Watch list variables until you delete them The windows will remain, but their value will only be updated when you enter the code range associated with them Be.

For example, a variable belonging to function A will not be updated when you are inside the code of function B. Similar In the Locals window, you can right-click on the variable you want and select “Value Edit,” the value Change it.

: Call Stack window

The Stack Call window shows the hierarchy or execution of program functions. For example, if the function A Calls function B and function B calls function C, these communications can be found in the Call stack window Observe and jump on the code of each function if desired. You can also see what Parameters are passed to each function.

The example code of this lesson was very simple and you can easily see the navigation path of the function.

But in Large projects, understanding the order of execution of functions and parameters of each of them, it is necessary to stack Call Can be done.

The Window Immediate window can be the most useful Debug operation window. This window lets you Select the desired sections from the program code and run. You can also set values Check or change their variables.

Just type the code you want in the window and run it by pressing the Enter key. Name each variable
Type and print its value in the output. Change the value of your desired variable by writing 5 = a and the same See the moment of the result of the change in the code. The Window Immediate window is like a terminal in C #, to As soon as you write the code or change the program, you will see the output.

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