Lesson 5: Learning Types Data in #C

Today is our lesson no 5 and today i will discus about Learning Types Data in #C. Familiarity with Types Data in C #: Data Types are used in all parts of a programming language such as C #. To Because C # is a powerful data language, it must be defined and used whenever a variable is used.

Inform the compiler what data variable it is. How to specify the data type of a variable In this section we will look at important data types in general We will discuss the C # language and how they work.

The bool data type is the simplest Type Data in the C # language. This type of data is either true or false It is known, it can have only two types of values, true or false. The bool variable when used Logical operators or conditional statements such as if are very useful.

Int data types, which stands for integer, are also used to store numbers without decimal parts.
River. The data type int is the most commonly used variable when working with numbers in C #. Integer variables, in terms of The number sizes they can hold come in a variety of C # languages.

String data type is also used to hold text, which is a number of characters behind
also. In C #, String variables are immutable, meaning that String variables, They never change after definition and quantification.

When working with methods that manipulate a String variable and Change, the first String variable does not change, but a new variable with a new value is created. The char variable is also used to hold a single character. The float variable is also used to store decimal numbers.

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