Learning to work with XML file in C# language

Learning to work with XML file in C# language: XML stands for Language Markup Enterable. XML fie language, Is a widespread and common format for transferring data, mostly because it is easy to Both humans and machines can be read and understood.

If you have ever written a site in HTML, XML will be very familiar to you, because in fact
XML is a more rigorous and advanced version of HTML. XML of tags (properties) (attributer (and values) and its general code structure is the same as the following example code:

As you can see in the example code above, XML is a convenient format for defining information
Most programming languages ​​have special classes and functions for working with XML. The C # language is the same It is one of those programming languages ​​that has a special class space or namespace to work with XML.

The name of this namespace in C # is the XML .System suite, which has almost the ability to work with various capabilities It has XML language.

The next lessons will examine the use of these ready-made classes in the C # language, also for
We will read and write information in XML

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