How to Using the Wizard Create a Simple Report

Today I will teach you how to Using the Wizard create a simple report. In the previous section, we looked at Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), a tool used by developers to create reports. 

BIDS provides a Report Designer that allows you to define aspects of your report. In addition, BIDS provides a Report Wizard that helps you create a simple report. With Report Designer, you are faced with a blank canvas where you define your own report sections. 

When you start with Reporting Services, the Report Wizard should be your first choice. Once you have created the Koch report with the wizard, you can customize it with Report Designer.

Once you have reached the point where you can easily define report sections and decide to create more complex reports, you should use Report Designer.

In this section we will use the Report Wizard to create a simple report and follow the steps below:

  •  Report wizard starts
  •  Create a shared data source
  •  Design a query
  •  Select the report type
  •  Design a table
  •  Select Lee August table
  •  Complete the wizard

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