How to Used SEO Content Editor 2.2

Today I am going to tell you another useful Seo tool, have you heard about SEO Content Editor 2.2 tool? If you are hearing about this SEO Content Editor 2.2 tool for the first time, then don’t worry today in this article I will tell you complete information about this SEO Content Editor 2.2 tool. Like what is SEO Content Editor 2.2? and how to used this SEO Content Editor 2.2 tool.

What IS SEO Content Editor 2.2

The SEO Content Editor is a writing tool that will assist you in optimizing your blog content. You can concentrate on generating great content whereas the programme calculates your SEO score and gives you useful recommendations on how to improve it. Keyword concentration, page titles, meta descriptions, and so much more…

To create appealing content, use the editor to add text, photos, and YouTube videos, and then copy/paste the output to your CMS of choice.

How do I Choose the Best Focus Keyword(s)?

It all starts with choosing the correct emphasis keyword when it comes to crafting search engine optimised content (s). This is why the free online content editor has a keyword recommendation function built in.

Add your article’s main subject / focus keyword and click the “get recommendations” button to get a list of related keywords so you can create a keyword theme for your blog post, service, or product page. 

You can choose a primary target keyword and supplementary keywords from a variety of sources using this tool:

  • Web keyword search suggestions
  • Commercial / Shopping keyword suggestions
  • YouTube keyword suggestions
  • News keyword suggestions

The tool will also generate a graph for the selected keyword to show you the search popularity (measured over time).

Checklist of SEO content features:

  • Content keyword focus
    • H1
    • Text (keyword density)
    • Image alt tag
    • Image name
  • Word count / Content length
  • Content link count (internal and external)
  • Page title length and keyword focus
  • Meta description length and keyword focus

Caution: (Warnings are triggered when over-optimization is detected)

  • High keyword density aka Keyword stuffing
  • Abnormal link count

Keyword Research:

  • Web search, Shopping, YouTube and News suggestions
  • Google Trends / keyword search popularity

Document export options:

  • Export your content including images to Word
  • Copy the full document HTML source code

Tools and Resources for Related Content

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  • Short introduction to the content analysis API as an alternative to the Yoast API.

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