How to Speed up Your Internet with a Fairly Simple Command

Today, I’ll teach you how to speed up your internet with a simple command. Packet Scheduler is a function in Windows XP that consumes 20 percent of your internet bandwidth. If you don’t require this function, you may free up bandwidth and improve your internet performance by removing it. Use this approach if you’re having trouble with your internet speed.

Following are given some instructions like How to Speed up Your Internet with a Fairly Simple Command.

For This Purpose:

1. Run from the Start menu.

2. In Run, type gpedit.msc and click OK.

3. Wait for Group Policy to run.

4. In the Local Computer Policy section and under Computer Configuration, expand the Administrative Templates option. (Click on the + sign to do it)

5. In the opened list, expand the Network option.

6. Now select Qos Packet Scheduler in this list.

7. Notice the options that appear on the right.

8. Right-click on Limit reservable bandwidth and click Properties.

9. After the Limit reservable bandwidth Properties window opens, select the Enabled option in the Setting tab under Limit reservable bandwidth.

10. You will see that by selecting it in front of the Bandwidth Limit, its default value of 20% is displayed.

11. Type 0 instead of 20 and click OK.

12. Now go to the Connection through which you connect to the Internet and click on the Properties button.

13. Go to the Networking tab and make sure the Packet Scheduler is enabled (check the box next to it).

14. OK this window.

15. Restart your computer

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