How to Send Blogger Ownership – A Comprehensive Guide

This comprehensive guide will show you everything you need to know to send blogger ownership, including what it means and how to complete the transfer process.

How to Send Blogger Ownership

Whether you have already purchased your domain or have been managing your domain on someone else’s behalf, this article will walk you through the steps you need to take in order to complete blogger ownership and change the ownership of your domain from Google to yourself. This can be done even if you purchased the domain from someone else!.

Step 1. Select your blog

Select your blog from your dashboard or go to My Account > Manage. Once you’re on your dashboard, find your blog, click on it and select Edit Settings. If you can’t find it on your dashboard then it might be under a folder such as My Sites, you can still access it by clicking on Add new site in My Account > Settings. Also note that if you have multiple blogs from within one account then they will all show up under one column while all of your other Google Accounts will appear separately in their own columns.

To change your email address go to My Account > Sign-in & security. Click on Signing in with a different account or add account. Select Google and then click Add an account if you don’t have one or If you already have a Gmail address then just sign in.

You can also click on Create a new account but that would mean signing up for a brand new Gmail address, which means two email addresses will be added, one at your domain provider and another at your preferred Email Service Provider (ESP).

Google does not recommend using multiple email addresses as it might lead to confusion regarding important information sent by other people such as notifications of unread emails or password reset links.

Step 2. Verify your email address

You need to verify your email address by clicking on a link sent in an email from Google. You will be logged out of your account as soon as you click that link, so don’t close your browser until you are logged back in. You will now see a pop-up box requesting your username and password.

Enter your credentials, then enter them again into a second box which appears afterwards. Verify that your username and password are correct, then click Next Step. Now you have successfully completed both steps!

Step 3. Check the box of ‘Send Blogger ownership’

In order to check the box of ‘Send Blogger ownership’ , you need to log in your blogger account. Then follow the following steps: Click Settings> General>Manage. In order to check the box of ‘Send Blogger ownership’ you need to click on send blogger ownership link. After clicking on send blogger ownership link, it will redirect you to another page where it will ask for your permission before sending an email to Google/Blogger and verifying that you own that particular account.

<This part should talk about – Step 4. After you have successfully verified your account, it will redirect you back to blogger dashboard where you can check if your account has been verified or not by clicking on settings>General>Send blogger ownership. If your account is verified then it will show yes under Do you own and control all of the content and information in your Google Account? .

This means that you have successfully sent blogger ownership from your old email id to new email id.<This part should talk about – When you want to send blogger ownership, first of all log in into google blogger using your new email id and password.

Step 4. Fill out the form

Google will ask you some very basic questions, including: Who owns the site? (This should be you.) What is your site’s address? And what is your email address? Once Google has those answers, it will send an email with a confirmation link. You’ll have to click on that link before transferring ownership can occur.

This final step might take a few hours, so don’t get frustrated if things take longer than expected. Don’t give up! Step 4. Fill out the form After you click on the confirmation link in the email from Google, you’ll notice an Assign button appear under your domain name in webmaster tools.

Clicking that button allows you to assign yourself as owner of the site and make changes for publishing purposes.

Step 5. Click on ‘Save Changes’

After Step 5, click on ‘Save Changes’ under ‘Service Actions’ at top right.This will redirect you to a verification screen. Click on Verify email in your Google account (in case if you haven’t verified before) and follow further instructions. This is where you will have to verify your ownership of that email address by going through two steps:

1) clicking on Activate Account and

2) filling up CAPTCHA.

Now go back to blogger dashboard, hit Save Changes again and there you go! You are now officially admin of that website!

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