Make Money Online as a Teenager or Beginner

So today in this article I am going to share with you make money online methods as a teenager or for beginners So, last week I talked about making money online with T-shirts and hoodies, and how you can use websites like Tee spring and Spread shirt, Shopify. I think it’s one of the most realistic things you can do to make money online as a beginner.

Make Money Online Through Ebay and Amazon

So, today I’m going to be talking about how I got started making money online and all the little things I used to do with like eBay and some other print on demand websites and also how I started making my first bit of money with Amazon affiliate marketing talking about budget camera gear.

So, today is it’s less of tips and more about what can you learn from my experiences and what’s realistic for a beginner. Let’s come to the main point of this article. Hey everybody, this is wajahat helping you create something awesome today.

So, for the new people here, my name is wajahat , I’m a creative entrepreneur and I teach people how to make things, market them and monetize them here on the internet. Let’s do a little bit of a story time here. I remember when I first started making money online by using the internet, I always had a side hustle as a teenager as a kid. I’m not shocked that one of the most popular types of videos on YouTube is how to make money as a teenager.

If YouTube existed when I was a kid, well, first of all, I probably would have done something stupid and ruined my life. And then secondly, I would have probably been watching those videos for how to make money online. Because you know, it really wouldn’t matter to me, especially growing up, you know single mom younger siblings money was something I always had anxiety about for a very long time in my life in stop in my 20s.

It’s something that I managed to get comfortable with within my 30s It all starts with little things. So, let’s talk about some of the first ways that I made money online as a beginner what I do. Well, when I was younger, back in the day, back in my day, it used to take 15 minutes for the internet to start up. And I’m, I think I’m barely exaggerating on that one. If you guys remember AOL, you know, dial-up DSL is not a good time. today’s youth are spoiled with their high-speed internet, their WiFi, man, I would have literally the things I would have done just to have slightly faster internet I swear.

YuGiOh and Magic

So, I still have this hobby to this day. Obviously, with quarantine, I don’t get to get out and play. So, I used to sell YuGiOh and Magic the Gathering and Pokemon cards on eBay. I would sell them I would trade I would flip, okay? So, I would also take some of those earnings and I’d go out and buy packs and start the process all over again.

So, that is how I started making money as a teenager using the internet, that I made money online as a teenager with YuGiOh, Pokemon, and Magic the Gathering and to this day, I’m still a big old nerd, rocking the blue eyes chaos max, all right? As a result, that was one of the things I was able to get into fairly quickly. And it taught me and introduced me to the concept of making money online. And doing early-stage e-commerce, and in my case, again, it was flipped life.

All right, but later, I actually got into doing commission artwork on the internet. There used to be these different types of websites where you used to have contests and you could do that kind of thing.

DeviantArt Graphic Design Digital Art

And it’s still very prevalent today. I am also adopter of DeviantArt. So DeviantArt, it’s something you may or may not be familiar with a lot of people do graphic design, digital art, creative work over there, and they attract the following. This is all kind of pre-social media, believe it or not. This is still when online forums were a thing. You guys remember online forums, guys remember, Xsite online boards. You remember Yahoo chat being a big deal.That is the internet’s era. I arrived from one of these days only for fun, knowing full well that no one will be watching. But like, I like doing videos for me. And, well, nowadays days, I’m going to remember and look at the old internet to see if any of these websites are still up and running.

And let’s maybe even look at and see if we can find it in the Wayback Machine and compare it to now like what is geo cities doing today? like where are they now? You know, I’m saying so. That’s just something weird I think would be fun. But yeah, I used to do commission artwork over on DeviantArt. And eventually, I think even before college I started selling shirts on cafe press, and on is another one.

Selling T-Shirts Online

So, these Prints-On-Demand websites for selling T-shirts online, you could make money, it wasn’t a lot, but it’s still like, again, $3 $5 for shirts. I wasn’t only selling tees, by the way. I was also doing typography. When I went to college, I went to college for graphic design and advertising. And so, I was making these typographic posters at the time. At that time, I was making a few bucks off of those as well.

It’s not just T-shirts and hoodies, you can actually do things with your typography, your illustrations, and so that’s what I was doing. And I was making money. I’m an anime nerd, so on DeviantArt, I was doing some commissions for stuff like that. And that’s how I was making money as a teenager and then in my early 20s, with the internet before YouTube ever existed before you could ever earn money from YouTube ad revenue. Before you know people really knew what e-commerce was before Shopify before all of it.

Before I knew about the Amazon affiliate program, that’s how I was making money online as a beginner and like I said, it wasn’t anything fantastic. It wasn’t anything that was allowed me to quit my day job at the mall or whatever, but I was freelancing, I was freelancing, and I was making good money from that.

And eventually, I would still do that in moonlight throughout most of my corporate career as well just, try not to do anything that violated my contract if I couldn’t do design stuff that I was doing photography on the side finding clients locally, also through the internet, through local websites and things like that. So, I was always hustling, I was always trying to figure out how to make that extra money because I really needed it because I was broke. And I made a couple of videos talking about that experience.

Now, back at that point in time, you didn’t have the websites that you have now to do freelancing, so back then, there wasn’t Fiverr and there wasn’t Upwork, existed, and Upwork actually used to be two different websites. It Used to be oDesk, and it used to be Elance. And I was like doing a lot of work whenever I could on Upwork and on Elance.

I was making pretty decent money doing that kind of work. And so, I was using every skill I had, whether it was editing people’s photos, usually using Adobe software stuff that I had access to, especially through the school. And also I was doing a little bit of video editing in the early days at that time, believe it or not, graphic design, even helping people with websites in the early days of WordPress, because I could code which was a very popular skill to have at that time. So know, like in 2002, when I was in college. If you can believe it, they did not even consider web design to be a legitimate career. What a world of difference 2 years can make.

So I mean, that gives you a sense of how fast things can move, right? But that’s how I was getting started. I was doing freelance work. I was selling stuff on eBay from time to time. And I never focused enough on any of this, to make a living off of it.

But I do believe that if I had not been working at the mall for $6 an hour, selling an hour of my life for the equivalent of a Subway sandwich, and then spending that money on food at the mall, milkshakes, and gee, that those last two hours I just worked to make 12 bucks, I’m gonna put it directly into the food court.

And I’m going to trade two hours of my life for this meal that like, I mean if I hadn’t known any better if I thought about it, I would have just tried to get five more sales on Zazzle to make that same amount of money.

Or I would have kept mowing lawns doing that and like an hour and a half to three hours, I was making 50 to 60 bucks, I would have just tried to get more lawn care clients, instead of working at the mall for $30 after a whole day 30 $40 and then spending half of it to eat lunch there. And then the rest to hang out with my friends at the arcade, I would have done it differently. And that’s kind of why I think I make these ARTICLE even today is what would it have been like if I had access to all the cool stuff that we have today, right? And what if somebody, some random guy on the internet had put any of these ideas in my head? What would I have done with that? What would I have done with the extra money from selling YuGiOh cards? What would I’ve done with that extra money that would have made me more money would have let me move away from working at the mall and working maybe for myself or being able to get the equipment and gear that would let me work for a more established photographer in town because I knew my skills.

I had the right gear and I was spending more of my time on photography and not spending those six or eight or 10 hours at the mall. What if I was spending all my time polishing a craft that could give me a career and give me a trade that made a decent living. Instead of trading my time for money so often for so very little money.

I always think about that, and that’s why I make this content. Now, the thing I like about flipping and freelancing is that basically anybody can do it. I was able to do it as a teenager, I was able to get commissioned artwork as a teenager, and I was able to, sell YuGiOh and Magic Cards as a teenager, and I was able to do freelance work, again, for people from ages 17 through my 20s and those opportunities still exist today. And you could make money doing those things. Zazzle, cafe press, Spreadshirt, Teespring people are making good money from this. When you flip these things online when you sell shirts online print on demand, like I told you in my specific video about this, I’ll link to it down below on selling t-shirts.

You make like five to $7 depending on how you price and depending on what website you’re using. So, you have those opportunities to make money. The print-on-demand side of posters, though and graphic design artwork and phone covers and all these other things, though, that’s really interesting. And there’s a lot of good money and margins there. And you just have to have the actual talent and ability to make something cool that people would want to buy. And if you make it nice specific, that’s a really good hack for making more money with it. Now, in terms of Amazon affiliate marketing, like in my prime with Amazon affiliate marketing when I had a very small audience compared to what I have now on YouTube, I was actually making really good money because I actually figured out that the margins on budget camera gear and budget laptops were really good.

I was making 20 and $30 Commission’s on every single sale, which meant that by the time I made a certain amount of content, I was able to do very well that my first month on Amazon, I only made $12 but within about six or seven months, I was making upwards of $600 a month on Amazon because I had more content. And that was the key. I had enough content to get clicks by doing these camera reviews and product reviews, and it mattered. And I ultimately was reaching people who were real buyers and looking for the best deal for that budget.

So that gear, those cameras, and laptops under $1,000 made all the difference in the world for those people. And it was able to help me to earn more money. And eventually, I started making about, 1200 dollars a month on Amazon consistently. Now that ended up going away because around the time that Linus Tech Tips got knocked out of the Amazon affiliate program, they got back in, but I and a few other YouTubers got knocked out for the same reasons.

We weren’t really doing anything horribly wrong. It literally was just them really being specific about the language and words you use for your disclosures. And that’s why I made the template based on exactly what they say to disclose and how they wanted and no trading out the words and stuff like that I made it exact. And so, that’s what’s in the descriptions of all my videos, and that eventually, I was able to get back into the partner program.

I guess I wasn’t a big enough YouTuber for them to just like take care of that when I updated all my links, and so, I’m happy for Linus, but a lot of us at that time, same time got kicked out of the program with no way back. And so, now some of us got back in, there’s a couple of people I know who still haven’t been able to get back into Amazon, and it sucks but that’s why I talk about diversifying your revenue streams and doing these different things you can make money because what if one of them goes away? I try to plan so that I’m not relying on my YouTube ad revenue, my revenue from the affiliate links, by the way, links to all my camera gear and budget YouTube gear for you guys link down below check those out.

Those helped the channel. Yeah, I try to make sure that I have all these different income sources so that if one thing or two things go away, I’m not gonna be dramatically uncomfortable, I’m not gonna be happy about it. But I figured this out because sometimes those things happen in life, if you’ve ever been fired from a job, and a lot of you might be experiencing this right now, you know that one income source, one income stream is very anxiety-inducing.

And that’s why I make this content. I’ve already been through it. I’ve been a broke kid struggling all the way through my teens, through my 20s. And I’ve known what it is to lose a job before one way or the other. And so, when I’ve seen those things, while I’ve lived those things, I try to say, Well, what would I have liked to know? What do I wish somebody had just told me, that would have made a difference in my life because maybe I would have done things a little bit differently. Know You know how I made money online as a teenager, and you know a little bit more about me, maybe, you know a little bit about how much of a nerd I am? If nothing else, all right? Question of the day.

What content could I make that would help you be more successful where you’re at right now?

Do you need more specific scenarios around how to make money online? And do it in different ways? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll try and make some more of these videos for you. Anyway, like this video, if you like it. In fact, do me a quick favor. I’m testing something out.

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