How to Find a Virtual Assistant Job

Today in this post I will share with you my personal method How to Find a Virtual Assistant Job. There are a few different ways you can find a virtual assistant.

One way is to post an ad on a site like UpWork or Craigslist. You can also search for virtual assistants on directories like Virtual Assistant Today or Zirtual.


Virtual assistants typically provide support to companies, agencies, or individuals by handling customer service, accounting, scheduling, word processing, administrative tasks, data entry, and more (see our guide on administrative assistant career paths).

Sometimes called online assistants, remote administrative assistants, or virtual personal assistants, they aren’t required to work in an office and can perform their tasks from the safety and comfort of their own home The focus of the post is on how to find Virtual Assistants jobs using the online job listing sites.

It’s helpful to be aware, however, of what a Virtual Assistant agency is (aside from a great way to scale your Virtual Assistant business!) because chances are good that in your search for remote assistant jobs online you’ll come across some agency sites. We’ve also included five of the more popular agencies out there in the list below for you to check out

You can also reach out to your personal network of friends and family members who may know someone who is looking for work as a virtual assistant.

No matter how you find your virtual assistant, it’s important to interview candidates carefully before hiring them. Ask them about their experience and skills, and be sure to get a sense of their personality and how well they’ll work with you. If possible, have them do a small project for you so you can assess their skills and work style.

If you’re happy with your virtual assistant, be sure to keep them busy! Projects like data entry, social media management, and market research are a great way to keep them engaged and productive.

FlexJobs: A legitimate work from home job listing site

FlexJobs had an honorable start in 2007 as a website focused on providing legitimate work-from-home opportunities amidst a sea of scams and wild goose chases.

It’s maintained a reputation as a quality job listing site and is a popular choice for finding remote assistant jobs and Virtual Assistant jobs for beginners FlexJobs collects a monthly membership fee, ranging from $14. 95 for one month to $49. 95 for one year, and you can also pay $6. 95 to check it out for one week.

This website also offers a cool savings feature to its members with discounts on things like computers, coaching, and invoicing software However, Flexjobs is not a free service. You have to pay some fees for a minimal month to access this site properly.

The majority of its members think the tiny cost is well worth it because of the high-quality services they provide, which protect both clients and employees.

How to find great Virtual Assistant jobs on Facebook

Since you’ve never explored Facebook as a feasible source for amazing Virtual Assistant jobs, you’d be shocked how valuable it could be!.

There are certain groups on Facebook dedicated to Virtual Assistants looking for work, and you may find them by searching with the hashtag #jobopp to narrow your search within the groups. If you prefer a more personal way of finding virtual assistant jobs, look into Groups on Facebook.

Whether you like a certain line of employment, you can look into organisations in that field (such as Healthcare Travel, for example) to see if anyone needs a virtual assistant.

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