How Get Ranked Quickly By Following This Meta Keywords Tips

The second item on the list of Top SEO tips and tricks is Meta Keywords. I’ll go through each SEO tip on the list in great depth to help you understand how the process works and how it can help you rank your blog posts and article pages higher on Google much faster.

Of course, Google states that meta keywords are ignored, but I’m not taking any chances. Furthermore, filling a position that may or may not play a significant part in having your sites rated takes only 30 seconds.

Are you willing to take chances and lose traffic?

Meta Keywords Tips

This meta keywords SEO tips process has worked for me on a consistent basis for many years and still works great even after Google has made many changes to their algorithms with the Panda and Farmer deal that everyone is talking about.

If you follow these meta keyword tips, you can’t go wrong with getting your post pages ranked. I’ve already proven how effective this tip is with the first part of this series.

The main thing about the meta keywords is making sure your page title and keywords match up exactly.

In other words, when you take a look at the title of your page as seen on the top left of your browser, your meta keywords should be exactly the same as your title, and in the same order. See the video explanation below.

Do Not Spam Your Meta Keywords:

Don’t spam your meta keywords. In other words, don’t duplicate your meta keywords over and over and think that will help your post. It won’t help.

Limit the number of keywords in your Meta Keywords section. It won’t help your post to add in hundreds of keywords.

I’m telling you this tip from experience and also from having a top SEO guru teach this to me. It just doesn’t work to add in a lot of keywords.

Use The All In One SEO Pack Plugin For Your Meta Keywords:

Be sure to use the All In One SEO Pack plugin to add in your meta keyword tags.
If you use the All In One SEO Pack plugin, you won’t need to add any keywords in the tags are on the right side of your dashboard.

Only use the All In One SEO Pack plugin designated area at the bottom of your post to add in your keywords.

See What Google Has To Say About Meta Keywords:

I’m not convinced by Google’s claims. They’re not going to tell you what they use and what they don’t use… And what if it’s true, and they decide to employ meta tags in the future, and you forget to include them on all of your pages because you listened to what was said here!?

If you don’t use Meta tags, you’re practically screwed. I don’t think I’d want to go back and add Meta tags to hundreds of pages of posts and articles.

Besides, this video was loaded in 2009 and he mentions that it’s possible they could look at meta keywords in the future. What can you believe? If you owned the secret ingredients to Coke, would you give away any details of what’s in your ingredients? See what Google says about meta keywords.

Google will tell you that they ignore the keyword tags for ranking, but I’m not buying it and I’m not taking any chances by leaving them out.

Make sure you still take the time to add in the proper keywords that are relevant to your post content and post title.

On WordPress, there has always been a space for adding Meta keywords, and the All In One SEO Pack plugin also has a place for adding keywords.

Adding in the Meta keywords has worked for me for years and still works, so I’m not going to stop taking advantage of the Meta keywords process that works perfectly for getting ranked quickly.

Be sure to stay tuned for the rest of this series on the top SEO tips and tricks for on-page search engine optimization.

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