How do I deposit money on the gate.IO exchange?

How do I deposit money on the gate.IO exchange?. What’s up guys my name is Fahad, and today I’m gonna be showing you how do I deposit money on the gate.iO exchange platform. So yeah, the cool thing about is that it has a lot of small-cap altcoins that you wouldn’t be able to find in other platforms like for example in binance or coinbase the reason I decided to join was that I was looking for a platform where I could buy some OMI. I’ve been using it for a while now and it’s been a really cool platform.

Binance Platform

So yeah let’s get into it basically it’s very simple as you know in other platforms like Binance if you’re already using binance you should be very familiarized with deposits like fiat transfers in gate it’s different you can’t deposit your money directly from your card into the platform.

How do I fiat deposit in binance

So what you need to do is you need to have another platform that accepts fiat deposits so, for example, the two platforms that I use are binance and now so what I do is I do the deposits in binance and after I transfer the usdt the tether into the let’s get right into it basically what you would do to deposit into this platform is you would have to go to your account to your current account in Binance and you would have to do a fiat deposit so you just do it as you normally do you would go here pay with US dollars you would choose either bank transfer or credit card you would click it you do the normal uh just the normal the regular deposit as you do in binance and once you make your deposit let’s say you want to deposit like 500 dollars you’d go in, you’d select usdt and you just do the normal deposit.

How to transfer and withdraw

Once you have your usdt your tether you ‘d go into your wallet you’d go into overview you would click the the coins once you are in your walleth inside of binance or the other platform that you use you would just click withdrawal in in your tether once you click withdrawal on your your tether inside of your wallet you want to click tron as your method of transfer you want to go to the your gate account do the exact same thing go into the my funds click your tether you’d would want to click deposit in your tether select tron as your method and you want to copy your usdt address with the tron selected once you copy it you just paste it back in your binance account and you select the amount that you want to transfer let’s say 500 dollars and yeah that’s it you just click submit right now I don’t have uh the funds to do it but once you click submit normally it takes me around like three to five minutes and the balance will be available on your once the balance is available you can just trade it normally. I hope this article was helpful.

Above are all the given instruction to deposit money on the gate.IO exchange.

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