Flying Scripts WordPress Plugin Short tips 2022

Today I will share some useful tips about Flying Scripts WordPress Plugin. So if you want to used this Flying Scripts WordPress Plugin, then you have come to the right place.

In this article I will guide you how to used this Flying Scripts WordPress Plugin Short on your website.

Flying Scripts by WP Speed Matters

Flying Scripts postpone JavaScript execution until there is no user activity. You can use keywords to define which JavaScripts should be postponed. When there is no user activity, there is also a timeout that runs JavaScript.


JavaScript consumes a lot of resources. You’re prioritizing and allocating more resources to vital JavaScript files by delaying the execution of non-critical JavaScript files (those aren’t required for the initial render).

This will lower render time, interactive time, first CPU idle time, maximum potential input latency, and so on. Lowering the number of requests will also minimize the initial payload for browsers.

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On user interaction, download and run JavaScript.

Flying Scripts delay the execution of JavaScript until there is no user activity. Keywords can be used to specify which JavaScripts should be delayed. There is also a timeout that runs JavaScript when there is no user activity.


  • Gijo Varghese – WP Speed Matters
  • Shay Toder

What would be the best scripts to include?

A script that isn’t required for rendering the first view or content above the fold. Tracking scripts, chat plugins, and other third-party scripts are perfect.

What else should I include in terms of keywords?

Whatever keyword uniquely identifies your inline script within it. “fbevents.js” for Facebook Pixel, “gtag” for Google Tag Manager, and “customerchat.js” for the Facebook Customer Chat plugin, for example.

What Sets it Apart from the Word “defer”?

Defer instructs the browser to download and run the script once the HTML parsing is complete. When you add a script to Flying Scripts, it won’t run until the user interacts with it.

What is the Definition of user Interaction?

Events from the user like mouse hover, scroll, keyboard input, touch in a mobile device, etc.

What is Timeout?

Even if there is no user interaction, scripts will be executed after the specified timeout.

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