Discovered currently not indexed 100 percent problem solved

Are you facing Discovered currently not indexed this kind of issue on your website then don’t worry you have come to the right place? Today I will guide you on how to solve this problem Discovered currently not indexed 100 percent.

I am a webmaster and SEO expert. I’ve also run into this Discovered currently not indexed problem several times. This Discovered currently not indexed problem mostly occurs when web developer didn’t “flip the switch” on the back end of the site allowing Google to index the site.

Google Crawler Bot

So, when the Google crawler bot found the site and crawled it, they labeled every page as non-indexable. Even after I turned on the back end of the site so Google could index it was hard to get GSC to recognize the pages as indexable.

You have also two best options You can just wait for the crawler bot out or you can manually crawl for every page on the site one at a time. This isn’t bad for a small site, but probably not worth it for a large site.

Currently, you cannot do anything. It is very common because the crawlers have not visited your website for updates. Give it a few days, 1 week is a minimum sometimes more.

After waiting for some time go to Google write


If the website link is coming at 1st position if not you need to wait.

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What is the Source of This Situation? This happens because of some reasons

If you’re having trouble using this on a huge website (10.000+ pages), it could be because: Because your server appeared to be congested, Google was having trouble scanning your site. If this is the case, contact your hosting provider.

Content overload: Your website has far more content than Google is currently ready to crawl. They believe it is unworthy of their time. Filtered product category pages, auto-generated content, and user-generated content are examples of this type of content.

Internal link structure is broken: Google isn’t discovering enough paths into the content that hasn’t been indexed yet. The internal link structure can be improved to fix this.

Content of poor quality: Improve your content’s quality. Make content that is one-of-a-kind and valuable to your viewers. Ensure that their user intent is met. Give them exactly what they want. Assist them in solving challenges.


  1. Either your website is new or the content will start getting index for your website after the crawlers crawl your website.
  2. You have set crawling frequency weekly or monthly so you would need to wait at least 7 days for weekly, 30 days for monthly so that bot will recrawl your website.
  3. Check for no index tag. If it’s there remove it and resubmit the sitemap

So above are the main reason cause of Discovered currently not indexed. I hope you will like this article.

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