Congratulations Facebook Enable Monetization for Pakistan 2022

Today the good news is spreading on social media like congratulations Facebook Enable Monetization for Pakistan 2022. Facebook, the fastest growing social media network, has introduced a new opportunity for its users to get money: all you have to do today is update your greatest news on Facebook’s news platform “Bulletin,” for which you will be rewarded.

Mark zurkburg owner of Facebook has decided to develop its own news platform dubbed “Bulletin,” according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who stated in a recent audio conference that the platform would be useful to freelance writers.

Facebook New Changes Announced by Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg told the engineers that focusing on the company’s privacy represents a significant shift in the way the company is run.

The following are the adjustments that the company has made to its consumer products:

Messenger messages will now be encrypted end-to-end, which means Facebook won’t be able to see discussions among two individuals or groups, as well as the platform will be completely integrated with WhatsApp.

Instagram has experimentally introduced a new feature in which the number of likes on any photo will not be visible to other people but the owner of the account will be able to see it.

There will now be more temporary ways to share content in messages. This means that those messages will not be part of the record on a permanent basis.

In India, the secure payment system on WhatsApp will be introduced in other countries of the world this year.

Facebook will abandon its blue color to focus community groups on news feeds and come up with a new design, but the first branding will be done only in the United States.

Thanks to the new ‘Create’ feature on Instagram, it is no longer necessary to post photos or videos. Users will now only be able to share text or stickers.

Earlier, he had said that he thought people would like to talk in private in small groups in the future. However, some people thought that first Mark Zuckerberg would have to convince the public that Facebook is the platform where people can do that.

The big news is that Facebook will no longer be blue and Zuckerberg is thinking of making Facebook look like iMessages.

Secret Crush:

In some regions, Facebook has added a new function called ‘Secret Crush,’ which allows users to tag up to nine new friends they like as part of Facebook dating. ۔

If two users tag each other using the Crush feature, both users will receive a notification that says “Match with each other.”

Facebook’s dating feature will be available in 14 countries soon, including the Philippines, Vietnam, and Singapore, but not in Europe or the United States.

Virtual Reality

On May 21, the firm announced the debut of Oculus Quest, a new wireless virtual reality headset. This headset does not require a computer, smartphone, or gaming console to use.

On this occasion, Mark Zuckerberg announced that this headset will be given free to every person attending the conference.

All authors on this Facebook platform will be compensated. Users have applauded the Facebook administration’s announcement that it will not participate in the value of the authors’ content.

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