How to get 2000 Rupees from Pakistan Government in 2022

Today in this post you will get to know How to get 2000 Rupees from Pakistan Government in 2022. Yes government of Pakistan has officially announced this news.

How to get 2000 Rupees from Pakistan Government in 2022

After the rise in fuel prices, Minister of Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb said on Friday that the government was providing an additional Rs 2,000 monthly subsidy to all residents earning less than Rs 40,000.

“The government gives 2,000 rupees to everyone earning less than Rs 40,000 a month. “It doesn’t matter whether you’re a labourer, a farmer, a teacher, a vendor, a working woman, or a student who works part-time to help pay for college,” she said during a press conference.

Marriyum instructed those who were qualified to phone 786 to get assistance. In a transparent way, Rs. 2000 is being granted to the caller who asks for the subsidy after verifying his or her income level.

The minister said that the assistance package was announced prior to the government’s decision to raise the pricing of fuel goods. Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif emphasised the need of providing a pre-increase relief package to the people, even though it was simple for us to raise prices on the very first day of our administration.

When the PTI administration was in power, they used to raise POL rates every 15 days at night in the middle of the night, she said. Marriyum said that the subsidy will be extended to Benazir Income Support Program recipients as well.

This is called relief,” she added while condemning those who criticised the government’s four-year reign marked by ineptitude and corruption, which had just one vision of fixing challenges experienced by the people owing to the PTI’s four-year rule.

As a model, we’ve done this before and will do it again.” It is the PTI that has handed the people inflation, tremendous unemployment and economic hardships, she said.

“We do not raise simple slogans or lecture others,” she said. People had given PTI leader Imran Khan an opportunity to bring progress and prosperity into Pakistan, but he only cared about enriching the mafias and cartels he supported, the minister claimed.

Since the people had rejected him for his incompetence, bad politics, corruption, loot, and pillage, she ruled out Imran Khan’s return to power at any point in his career or in his lifetime. At the time of his departure from Islamabad, PTI Chairman Imran Khan remarked that he equated his departure from Islamabad during the lengthy march with the “Treaty of Hudaybiyah,” a reference to an Islamic treaty.

She said Imran was doing nothing but the politics based on lies, deception and hypocrisy. “We have the vision and competence,” she continued, “and we will guide the nation on the road of growth and prosperity.”

The coalition government would break the vicious cycle of inflation, and its visionary leadership would steer the country out of all the crises, she remarked.

Even though Imran Khan has been in power for four years, Marriyum argued he has nothing to show for it. His “cheap tactics and narrative” had devastated the nation, exacerbated poverty, and left thousands of young people jobless, she went on to claim.

The minister said it was the current government, which was striving to save the people from the inflationary impact caused by the bad governance and wrong policies of the PTI government.

“It was easy for us to hand over the government to the caretaker setup by leaving the country into crisis. We can easily take the decision for our own political gains, but we demonstrated a responsible attitude only for the sake of country’s stability and progress,” she maintained.

Power load-shedding in Pakistan averaged 18 hours per day in 2013, according to Marriyum. However, it was the administration of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) that almost eliminated it.

The minister flayed that the PTI’s “rented spokespersons” were criticizing the government’s agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). “These spokespersons have no right to lecture us on the economy as they were removed by their own Prime Minister Imran Khan from the ministries over bad performance.”

Vocal Social Network Earning Method 2022

Today I am going to tell you about a new earning method Vocal Social Network Earning Method 2022. You may not have known about this website before. Vocal is giving you a chance to write, published and get some views and earn. Firstly connect to the vocal social network audience and start to make good money.

How much does Vocal Social Network pay writers?

The number of times your content is viewed, weekly contests, and tips given to you, my readers, can all help you make money. Let’s start with the pay-per-read arrangement.

Writers earn $3.80 for 1,000 reads, according to Vocal. You’ll earn $6 for every 1,000 readers if you subscribe to Vocal + (which is $10 per month with a 30-day free trial). So, let’s imagine you’re a Vocal+ subscriber and your piece goes popular, garnering 1 million views. That’s a total of $6,000 in earnings. It’s not bad. But I’m curious whether that’s ever happened on their platform.

If your readers enjoy your content, they can also provide you with suggestions, as I previously stated. This reminds me of the gyrating tip jars on flash websites from the 1990s and early 2000s. Reminiscences Tips are a nice concept until you realize that Vocal charges a 7% processing fee unless you have Vocal+, in which case the fee is merely 2.9 percent. This site appears to make money in whatever way it can.

Where does the cash come from?

The vocal doesn’t have any advertisements, so how can they make money and pay you? The following is the response on their website:

Step 1: How Do You Make Payments?

The voice was created to assist authors like you with getting paid for their hard work. This is how you do it.

Vocal Social Network Earning Method 2022

Your tale has been well-crafted and promoted, and your audience adores it. So, how are you going to turn this into a profit? Readers can leave suggestions about the tales they enjoy as long as you have the Stripe attached.

Recommendations are given straight to your Stripe account, which then sends them to your bank; there is no minimum earning need to access them. More information on sending and receiving ideas can be found here.

Vocal pays you to tell your tales in addition to providing suggestions. When your story is read, the winners are automatically credited to your wallet, which you may check at any time.

Your wallet consists of: Reeds displays the feedback and links you receive as well as the amount of money you earn from your reports. The deduction indicates how much money you’ve removed from your Stripe account and how much you’re generating.

The current balance shows how much money is in your voice account right now. To be eligible for a refund, you must spend at least $ 35 or $ 20 for Vocal + Creators.

Tips on how to keep track of microtransactions that have been received. Because suggestions are transferred straight to your account, they do not reflect on your current balance.

Any tips from your audience, withdrawal records, and weekly earnings round-ups are all part of your Transaction History.

Your Earnings are Calculated in the Following Ways:

CPM (cost per thousand) is used to determine your readings. Free Vocal creators are paid $3.80 for every 1,000 reads, while Vocal+ members are paid $6.00. The “Request Withdrawal” button becomes available to you after your profits reach your withdrawal minimum ($35 for free Vocal creators, or merely $20 for Vocal+ creators).

Check your Stripe Dashboard, which you may access through the Dashboard link in your Wallet, before requesting your withdrawal. Always double-check that all of your information is current—you don’t want your withdrawal to be routed to an expired debit card or a bank account that has closed.

After you request a withdrawal, the monies will appear in your bank account in 3-5 business days, translated to your local currency.

How you get paid after winning a Challenge:

Challenges work a little bit differently. If you’re one of our selected winners or runner-ups, you’ll receive an email notification to the address associated with your account.

Problems work in a unique way. You’ll receive an email notification to the address linked with your account if you’re one of our chosen winners or runners-up.

Before we can send an overpayment, someone from our staff will contact you via your email address to obtain any necessary tax or shipping details. We can send you your prize once we get all of the necessary information from you.

We’ll transfer the reward money to your Stripe account if the Challenge has a cash award, and it’ll be immediately converted to your local currency if necessary. If you won a reward that is an item, we will mail it to the address you specify.

Bonuses are now available.

Developer Bonuses, in combination with the other Vocal monetization tools such as Reads, Tips, and Challenges, assist creators by giving a further way to earn money on the platform. Bonuses are another way we can show our support for our creators by thanking them for achieving specific goals!

Despite Tips, which are paid straight to your Stripe account and do not affect your existing balance, Creator Bonuses enable the Vocal team to add money to your Wallet balance. If you already have $48 in Reads plus a $20 Bonus from Vocal, your total balance will be $68.

Bonuses reflect immediately in your Wallet’s balance and are displayed in your Wallet’s transaction history.

What about the tax situation?

If your profits exceed the legal threshold for us to furnish you with tax forms at the end of each year, we will do so. If you’ve previously provided us with your tax information, we’ll mail you the application forms; if we’re lacking any required information, we’ll contact you through email and ask you to fill out a simple form to supply us with any extra information we require. The required papers will then be mailed to you.

Do you have any other concerns regarding getting paid?

You can find a section all about how payments work in our Help Center here.

Congrats! You’ve told your stories, gained a following, and made some money. Let’s try it one more.

Step 2: Stay Motivated


There’s no end to the stories you can tell with a little imagination. The key to achieving success on Vocal is to stick with it, be patient and enthusiastic, and establish a solid, broad portfolio of tales that can continue to earn. However, consistency and creativity don’t always go hand in hand, and it’s difficult to plan inspiration.

Vocal Spotlight

Firstly, the curating team focuses a highlight on creatives who are unique and inspiring. They’ve grown their audience on the platform, made wonderful tales, and are each establishing a name for themselves in respective fields, so they’re great to look into when you’re feeling uninspired—and who knows, maybe the team will want to feature you once you’ve generated some awesome stories, too!

💡Meet the creators featured in Vocal Spotlight

Staff Picks

The curating staff also goes through all of our communities’ tales and selects the best of the best to be featured as Staff Picks. Reading the Staff Picks on Vocal is a fantastic way to see what has worked for others in the past or to get a sense of what is currently being discussed.

Vocal Verified

The editorial staff is on the lookout for noteworthy stories on a variety of themes. They curate the best of the finest information on a wide range of topics, from current events to common hobbies and interests.


Finally, if you’re stuck for inspiration, go through the active Challenges on Vocal for topic-specific prompts that will push you out of your comfort zone.

🏁Join a Challenge

Start Creating

Begin to create.

Please contact our support team if you have any concerns or need assistance getting started with any of these steps support team.

Is Vocal enforcing your rights?

One advantage of Vocal is that you do not need to sign away your copyright when you submit an article. They simply employ a limited license, which means you may post your articles everywhere you choose since you still own them.

My views on the vocals

Alright, so Vocal appears to be an intriguing concept, but I’m not sure most writers would ever be able to afford the reward. If you’re inquisitive, I’d recommend giving it a shot because you keep your rights. If you sign up for the Vocal+ 30-day free trial, make sure to cancel if you don’t make enough money in the first month to fund the subscription plan.

How to Permanently Fixed AdSense Ads Limit to 100% in 2022

Are you using Adsense Ad network on your website. Did you recently get Approval?. BUT unfortunately on the next day you got Adsense Ads limit issue on your site oh shit its a bad news for you but don’t worry if you guyz are also facing the same issue on your website, then you have come to the right place.

Adsense Ads limit

Today I am going tell you the right or organic method to resolved this Adsense ads limit permanently.

*How to Solve Adsense Ads limit*

Imagine getting your website approved today? That same day, you fi chop ads limit for your blog top. Very sad isnt it? Yes! I have been into such problem before… When I was just a newbie that time.

My blog got approved and same month, I chop this ads limit some. But do you know I was able to solve it in that same week? Yes.. But why should Google Place ads limit on your blog?

Here are Some of the Reasons Why we Mostly Chop Ads Limit.

Invalid clicks:

Bot traffic

Self Clicking

Using VPN


High traffic spike

These are the most common reasons.. So how can we solve this ads limit placed on our blog? Follow these steps..

Remove al adsense codes from your blog:

Do you Know Why I Said this?

Google dont just serve ads on your website but they collect data from your blog/website. These data includes your website traffic, users interactions and many more. This is the reason why you will need to remove all those previous ads codes and replace them with new once. Make sure that you dont request traffic from your previous traffic source.

Just wait.. even if no hit, is ok..

2. Disable auto ads

3. Do not self click your own ads

4. If possible, dont visit your website

5. Organic traffic can solve this problem (Use SEO)This is how you can easily solve ads limit..

If you see no result, send Google feedback. It also works.. *Just a Tip*

How to Monetize a Website With Ads and Earn Money

How to monetize a website with ads and earn money. This is something useful and extraordinary information for internet newbies. If you use internet and find on GOOGLE How to monetize a website with ads and earn money OR how to make money online in 2022 OR what are the best ways to earn money online in 2022, then you have come to the right place.

In this post I will tell you some of the best ways How to Monetize a with ads Website and Earn Money. So read this text well and follow all of the instructions. For example, if you develop a website, you will look for ways to monetize it or other money-making opportunities. While your website may be utilized to provide information about your company, it can also be used as a source of revenue.

If you set up your website correctly, you may monetize it by hosting adverts and banners from other businesses. They have the ability to make you money 24 hours a day when you put an ad on the website. One of the best things about these services is that you don’t have to pay extra to use them.

3 Types of Advertisement Campaigns

There are three basic forms of adverts that, to my knowledge, are the most prevalent for producing money. PPC so called Pay-Per-Click, PPI so called Pay-Per-Impression and AM stand for Affiliated Marketing.

You have to believe it. All of these methods are simple to use and can be applied to almost any website. The majority of internet pro gamers make a living blogging because these advertising provide enough revenue to replace full-time employment. However, this process necessitates a significant amount of time and effort on your part, as well as promotion.

When using these ad placements to monetize your website, keep in mind the inevitable link that will appear on your competitors’ websites. It’s also possible that adverts that aren’t relevant to your content will appear.

NO 1 Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

PPC so called the pay-per-click campaign is one of the most powerful ad program of GOOGLE Mostly utilized in website. In this program, you get paid anytime when someone clicks on an ad.

For example, if someone comes to your website and clicks on any of the advertisements, you earn money. There are some limitations imposed by Google policies. The amount you receive depends on a number of criteria, but it can range from $0.01 to several dollars each visitor.

IN GENERAL, THIS SYSTEM WORKS BEST FOR THE MOST POPULAR WEBSITES. The amount you make is usually decided by how much the advertising firm pays for the spot in most systems.

No 2 Pay-Per-Impression Campaigns

Pay-per-impression platforms are available from several web marketing organizations. You are paid whenever that advertisement is published on your site in this setting. You get money if someone visits your website and views the advertisement. The amount you’re paid is determined by the advertiser’s cost-per-thousand impressions, or CPM, in most systems.

If the advertiser provides a $2 CPM, for example, you’ll get two-one-thousandths of a cent each impression. This may not appear to be a large sum of money until you consider the amount of traffic your website receives. If you could create 10,000 visits each day with nothing more than presenting the ad, you could earn $20.

NO 3 Affiliated Marketing

Affiliate marketing differs from pay-per-click (PPC) and cost-per-impression (CPM) advertising. If someone buys something from the firm you’re advertising, you get paid a sales commission. This has the potential to earn more money than PPC or CPM platforms, but it will involve a lot more time and effort on your part. This is how it works:

These points should be noted:

• You register with an affiliate network.

• You search for businesses to advertise on your website.

• You submit an application to such businesses to advertise their products.

• Once you’ve been approved, copy and paste the advertisement code into your website.

• A specific code is utilised to track whether or not a visitor to your site clicks on their ad and makes a purchase.

• You get a commission if he or she purchases something from that company’s website.

What types of advertisements are available?

When this comes to marketing advertisements on your website, you have two options: text or visual. In many cases, you have complete control over which types are shown on your website.

Text ads (Advertisements in text format)

Text ads are ones that just employ words to describe a company or its products. These are a few of the most popular and frequently used on the Internet.

AD WITH IMAGE (Image ads)

Because of their high return on investment and the technology that drives the Internet today, image ads are becoming increasingly popular.

These are simple ads made up of simple text links: no images, and limited to a single line.

Advertisements in video (Video ads)

Rich media advertising are a type of ad that is often interactive and includes video ads. Video commercials are adverts that may be played and stopped within a video media player.

Sizes of Advertisements (Ad sizes)

Standard ad sizes are frequently available in a number of sizes. Whether it’s a horizontal banner, a square banner, or a towering skyscraper banner for the side of your page, you should be able to find something that fits your website design.

Most common ad sizes

Medium rectangle (300 x 250)
Large rectangle (336 x 280)
Leaderboard (728 x 90)
Wide skyscraper (160 x 600)

Horizontal ad sizes

Half banner (234 x 60)
Banner (468 x 60)
Large leaderboard (970 x 90)

Vertical ad sizes

Skyscraper (120 x 600)
Vertical banner (120 x 240)
Large skyscraper (300 x 600)

Square ad sizes

Square (250 x 250)
Small square (200 x 200)
Small rectangle (180 x 150)
Button (125 x 125)

What are your options for finding sponsors and/or affiliates?

  • Even though Google Adsense is one of the most popular ways to add advertisements to a website, there are various more options, including:
  • Affiliate websites are almost as prevalent as ad sites, and they can give you with links to sell products from some of the world’s most well-known brands.

Placement of Advertisements

You may basically insert the ad wherever on your site using the provided code. You want to place an advertisement in an area where the most people will see it.

Maintain the relevance of your website to your advertisements.

Despite the fact that many systems, such as Google Adsense, provide ads based on a visitor’s online activity, you want to show content that is relevant to your niche.


Above are given you the best information about How to Monetize a with ads Website and Earn Money

How to sell a website on Flippa for beginner in 2022

How to sell a website on Flippa for beginner in 2022. Today I am going to share an advanced method of How to sell a website on Flippa for beginner in 2022. Today you will learn a new method to make good money online. So without any time waste I come to the main point oft his topic like How to sell a website on Flippa for beginner in 2022.

Here are tips on how to sell a website on Flippa for beginners!

Flippa is one of the top platforms or marketplaces for selling your blog or website, as you should know. If you want to sell a blog or a website, this one purchasing and selling website is a far better first and last option than some of the other options.

You can locate important clients interested in purchasing your blog or website on this site, and you can make a lot of money selling them. Correct! Some websites, whether they are blogs with Adsense (learn more about Adsense here) or SaaS (Software as a Service) sites, can be sold for more than $20,000 (Dollar) and even more.

Let's get right to the point, shall we? Take a peek at the following reviews!


What is Flippa?
How Flippa Works 
Tips on how to sell a website on flippa for beginners
Connect with Analytics Account 
Pay attention to the level of trust
Set a Good Auction Duration
Offer a Minimum Bid Amount or an Open Bid (OB)
Create a logical BIN (Buy it Now) price
Describe clearly
Reply to comments as best you can
Emphasize the advantages or benefits of your digital real estate assets. 
Invite trusted Buyers

What is the meaning of flippa?

Flippa is a website where you can sell or buy things. Let’s start with a definition of Flippa before we go into the suggestions and how-to. Flippa is the largest marketplace for buying and selling digital assets in the world. On the platform (learn more about what a platform is here), buyers and sellers meet to trade websites, e-commerce stores, SaaS enterprises, applications, and other online businesses. Their objective is straightforward: to provide every business owner with an alternative to selling their company.

How Flippa Works

They are essentially simple in terms of their own concepts and ways of working, where this is an end-to-end experience or better known as an end-to-end experience. Owners of internet businesses or digital assets can determine the value of their businesses or assets, connect with buyers, and eventually sell them. The purchasers, on the other hand, are seeking for assets that they can own and operate, as well as invest in and manage. They are matched against assets and find a way to accelerated and large results with Flippa.

Beginner’s guide to selling a website on Flippa

So, why do people sell their companies? You should be aware that there are various reasons for this, the most common of which are as follows: Realizing asset value or divesting, digital “real estate” that is increasing in value and where selling is the best option is the quickest way to realise asset value.

Sellers can reinvest and diversify by purchasing houses, stocks, or even digital assets.

Okay, let’s start with the explanation, here are some tips on how to sell a website on Flippa for beginners.

Assets should be both significant and profitable. The first tip for beginners on how to sell it is to display valuable and profitable digital assets.

If you want to sell your blog (see the definition here) or website on Flippa, this is one of the most critical tasks to take.

Your website should be monetizing and generating revenue for you every month or at least be able to generate in its development.

This will certainly help your buyers generate interest in your blog and place their bids. Increase your traffic, increase your sales and remember, the more revenue your blog generates each month, the better the sales will be.

If your asset is already earning $300 or $400 (Dollar) monthly, then you can sell it for $7000 on flippa easily or even more.

Connect with Analytics Account

The next tip on how to sell a website on Flippa is to make sure your assets are linked to an analytics account.

In addition, make sure and also explain what resources to generate traffic. The more traffic, the higher the bid and more money.

  1. Keep an eye on the amount of trust.

Trust rating is another factor to consider if you want to sell your blog or site on Flippa.

The higher your trust rating as a seller, the more buyers will be interested in your offer and place their bid.

  1. Decide on an appropriate auction duration.

Then that is by setting a good auction duration.

Yes! You should not increase the optimal auction duration to very large.

Make sure you take the optimal duration of up to 10 (ten) days.

The shorter your optimal time, the more bids you will get and therefore more money.

If you increase the duration to 30 (thirty) days or more, no buyer will bid on your offer and therefore no interest.

  1. Make a minimum or open bid (OB)

The minimum bid amount or Open Bid (OB) must be set from the minimum to the highest.

If you sell any blog or website on flippa that earns you around $300 per month, you should set the minimum bid to $1500.

if you set the minimum bid to only $150 or $200, then your auction will typically end up with a final bid of $500 or $600.

Make sure to set the minimum bid to the highest if you plan on it, especially as a beginner.

  1. Create a logical BIN (Buy it Now) price

The Buy it Now (BIN) price must also be set to make sense.

If you are confident in your revenue and traffic, you can set a reasonable amount of BIN for your blog.

Remember! Don’t go so high that your buyers are distracted from your offer.

  1. Describe clearly

The next tip is to describe it clearly.

Enlarge and broaden the scope of your description, and make sure you write as many descriptions of your assets as possible.

Yes! Try to explain everything from your blog.

Statistics of your income, traffic, backlinks to your blog are must-have factors if you want to sell your blog or website there.

  1. Reply to comments as best you can

Whenever someone comments on your listing or offer, don’t ignore it!

Yup, where this will certainly increase your level of trust and you will get more buyers for your blog or website.

  1. Emphasize the advantages or benefits of your digital real estate assets.

You must have a valid and valuable reason to sell your assets.

The more original and trusted description you will write, the better it will be for you.

Yes! You need to emphasize what advantages and benefits your digital assets have.

  1. Invite trusted Buyers

The last tip that we can explain here is to invite trusted buyers. Correct! You should invite several eligible buyers to view your offer if they are interested.

Yup! This is another simple method to sell your blog or website and make more money. If interested, they will often place an OB or order with a high amount.

Above, is a complete discussion of Tips on How to Sell a Website on Flippa for Beginners that You Should Know.

Well, overall I personally think, Flippa is a great place to sell your business, but We wouldn’t recommend buying on Flippa unless you are very experienced.

Yup! You’ll need to sift through your list, verify all sorts of things, and have a very good knowledge of what it takes to be successful in internet marketing.

Flippa has the largest buyer base in the world, and they have a variety of ways of selling that are quite flexible.

As with selling an online business, you are more likely to sell when you have a strong history of financial performance, you are rewarded according to market expectations and the business is worth taking over.

That is the blog post that we can share this time, in which we discuss recommendations for novices on how to sell a website on Flippa. Hopefully, everything we’ve tried to present and explain here will be helpful and add to our understanding and expertise, particularly in the sphere of technology, particularly e-commerce and business.

How to Create a Bittrex Exchange Account and Protect It

How to Create a Bittrex Exchange Account and Protect It | Two-Factor Authentication

Today I’m going to show you how to register and adequately secure your Bittrex Exchange Account before you send any of your cryptocurrency funds to it. So starting here at the home page of, you will just have to click the ‘sign up’ link on the upper right-hand corner of the page or via this blue button right here underneath the Bittrex logo.

How To Fill Bittrex Signup Form

On this page, just fill out the form with your email and password. It’s recommended to use a new email address for your cryptocurrency exchange accounts, instead of using any of your average use emails. This will increase your overall account security.

And make sure that you also secure your email address used for this, with some form of two-factor authentication. Preferably using an app, like Google Authenticator. And when you make a password, be sure to make it long and include numbers, upper and lower case characters, and symbols.

So that it’s impossible to guess. Once you have filled out the forms, just click the ‘sign-up button. The next page that it takes you to will ask you to check your email inbox in order to complete registration by clicking the link within it to confirm your account and log in. If you did not receive an email, check your spam or junk folder, and if it’s not there you can just click the link back on this page, to contact Bittrex support.

How to Verify Bittrex Account

Now I’ll just click this link to verify my new account. And then once you have done that, it will take you to this page on Bittrex, where it will say ‘your email confirmation successful’, then you can click return to login. Then go ahead and use your newly created login information, to log in to your Bittrex Exchange account. When you first log in, it will ask you to accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy to start using your Bittrex Exchange account.

Just click the dark blue button that says ‘Accept Terms’ and it will take you directly to the settings page of your Bittrex account. From here I’m going to show you how to properly set up your security settings, so that you can move forward with confidence that your account is 100% secure, before sending any cryptocurrency to it. Something you will also want to take care of, as you can see here.

Is filling out your profile information here. I would recommend using the same address you actually reside at, as you will also need to verify your account via KYC documents.

Required ID and Utility Bill to verify your address

Meaning they will need an ID and a utility bill to verify your address. And after you complete this area, you will also want to complete ‘Identity Verification’ using the link via the settings menu on the left here. This is the only way to raise your daily withdrawal limits to a reasonable amount. And you will need to have this taken care of before you start wanting or needing to withdraw cryptocurrency from your account.

But that’s just for your info, we are going to be focusing on your account security in this ARTICLE. We will begin by setting up two-factor authentication, to add a layer of protection to your account. This is not a recommendation. This is a required step. Do not even think about skipping past this step, you absolutely need to set up two-factor authentication to protect your account before you even think about depositing money to your Bittrex account.

Bittrex 2FA Two-Factor Authentication

You may be wondering how 2FA security works. So basically once you have 2FA set up on your account, you will also need a six-digit pin code that is randomly generated by a 2FA app in addition to your password to log in every time. And so the only way someone could log in to your Bittrex Exchange account is if they have access to your password and your unlocked mobile phone. And don’t worry, if you ever lose your phone or delete your app by accident, you can work with support to get back in, accidents do happen to the best of us.

I’ve done it before myself, it’s a pain in the butt, but it’s not the end of the world. So go ahead and click the two-factor authentication link in the settings navigation menu here to the left. When you first open up the page, it should display that your two-factor authentication is disabled in the status, in the red text right here.

The first step to set up 2FA is to download the Google Authenticator. I will be providing a recommendation for a much better authentication app in an upcoming ARTICLE and will drop the link to it in the video description below when it’s finished, so keep an eye out for it. Google authenticator will do for now though, you can download the google authenticator app for free on your phone’s respective app store. Just search for the Google authenticator logo, as you see right here.

Download Google Authenticator

Go and download Google authenticator so you can continue following along, and secure your Bittrex exchange account. Once you are set up with Google authenticator, you can proceed with step 2, by opening up the app on your phone and clicking the plus button on the app, to add an account. And then select, ‘scan barcode’, this will open up your phone’s camera, so you can then scan the QR code you see on the screen right here, in order to finish setting up 2FA on your Bittrex Exchange account.

Once you scan this QR code, it will make a new entry in your Google Authenticator app that will display six random numerical digits, that change every 30 seconds. So for step 3 you can copy down your security key, store this key somewhere safe, preferably offline on a piece of paper, so no hackers can find it on any computer.

Because you can use this code just once to log in to your Bittrex Exchange account.Without the 2FA code from your google authenticator app.

Say if you lost your phone or accidentally deleted the app. This will make your life much easier than going through the process of unlocking your Bittrex Exchange Account with Bittrex support. Which can be a process that can take up to two to three weeks, due to their security policies.

Then for step 4, to complete the process of securing your account with 2FA security, just enter the six digits that are currently showing on your google authenticator app in the field here that says input your six-digit authentication code, and then click the ‘enable 2FA’ button, here at the bottom.

It will then display that your 2FA status is ‘Pending’ in this orange text right here, and all you will have to do is go to your email address to find the confirmation email and click the link in it to confirm the setup of two-factor authentication on your Bittrex account.

Here’s the email. I can click the link right here to confirm. Once you click the link in the email sent to you by Bittrex, it will take you to a page where you will have to confirm enabling two-factor authentication, using the 6 digit code from your Google authenticator app. We will just enter the code really quick in this field right here, where it says ‘input your six-digit authenticator code.

And then click the enable two-factor authentication button right below it. In order to complete the setup. And then it will take us to a page where it says Two Factor Authentication enabled, with a green checkmark. And then we’ll know that you have successfully set up two-factor authentication on your Bittrex account.

And you can click the link here, which says ‘return to Bittrex home’. It will actually take us right back to the ‘settings’ page for your account on Bittrex. And now if you click the two-factor authentication link here on the left in the settings navigation menu, it will actually show that your 2FA status is enabled in the green text just like this.

And if you want to disable 2FA for whatever reason, you could also do that in this area, by just inputting the six-digit authentication code from your authenticator app and clicking the disable 2FA button. This would be handy say if you were switching to a new phone.

Now that we have successfully secured your account with two-factor authentication, we can leverage one last option to maximize your account security. It’s your withdrawal whitelist, which you can access using the link here in the settings navigation menu to the left.

The concept is simple here, you can enter a wallet address for any Bittrex exchange supported Cryptocurrency, and that will be the only address that your account will be allowed to withdraw funds to for that type of cryptocurrency.

It’s really easy to set up, you simply enter the call letters of the currency in the left field here. Like BTC for example. And then you can paste your receiving address in the field to the right, and then click the ‘Save Address’ button. You’ll have to enter your authenticator six-digit code.

And it will save it to the list below. You can remove and update addresses anytime you want, say if you wanted to remove this address, you can just click the little ‘x’ on the right here. Then if you want to get even more comprehensive with your security, you can use the IP address whitelist, which will make it so you can only log in to your Bittrex exchange account from whichever IP addresses you set it to.

To set up your IP address whitelist, simply click the IP whitelist link on the left in the navigation menu. So think of it this way, each different internet connection you use to connect to your Bittrex exchange account has a different IP address.

So you’ll want to whitelist the IP addresses that you normally use. And as you can see, it’s as easy as filling out these four fields with your IP address numbers, and clicking ‘save address’ to save an IP address to your IP address whitelist, in this list below, ‘Saved Addresses’. And then the last security setting you may need to use at some point is of course the ability to change your password.

To do so just click the ‘password’ link in the left navigational menu. From here, you can change your password if you need to, just fill out the form as it appears here, enter your 2FA code, and then confirm the change by clicking ‘change password’.

So at this point, you should have a newly registered and secured Bittrex account. Congratulations! With your Bittrex account registered and secure, you are now officially ready to deposit some bitcoin and get started with trading. You are going to want to check out my next article, where I’m going to take you on a guided tour of the features and layout of the Bittrex exchange.

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How do I deposit money on the gate.IO exchange

How do I deposit money on the gate.IO exchange?

How do I deposit money on the gate.IO exchange?. What’s up guys my name is Fahad, and today I’m gonna be showing you how do I deposit money on the gate.iO exchange platform. So yeah, the cool thing about is that it has a lot of small-cap altcoins that you wouldn’t be able to find in other platforms like for example in binance or coinbase the reason I decided to join was that I was looking for a platform where I could buy some OMI. I’ve been using it for a while now and it’s been a really cool platform.

Binance Platform

So yeah let’s get into it basically it’s very simple as you know in other platforms like Binance if you’re already using binance you should be very familiarized with deposits like fiat transfers in gate it’s different you can’t deposit your money directly from your card into the platform.

How do I fiat deposit in binance

So what you need to do is you need to have another platform that accepts fiat deposits so, for example, the two platforms that I use are binance and now so what I do is I do the deposits in binance and after I transfer the usdt the tether into the let’s get right into it basically what you would do to deposit into this platform is you would have to go to your account to your current account in Binance and you would have to do a fiat deposit so you just do it as you normally do you would go here pay with US dollars you would choose either bank transfer or credit card you would click it you do the normal uh just the normal the regular deposit as you do in binance and once you make your deposit let’s say you want to deposit like 500 dollars you’d go in, you’d select usdt and you just do the normal deposit.

How to transfer and withdraw

Once you have your usdt your tether you ‘d go into your wallet you’d go into overview you would click the the coins once you are in your walleth inside of binance or the other platform that you use you would just click withdrawal in in your tether once you click withdrawal on your your tether inside of your wallet you want to click tron as your method of transfer you want to go to the your gate account do the exact same thing go into the my funds click your tether you’d would want to click deposit in your tether select tron as your method and you want to copy your usdt address with the tron selected once you copy it you just paste it back in your binance account and you select the amount that you want to transfer let’s say 500 dollars and yeah that’s it you just click submit right now I don’t have uh the funds to do it but once you click submit normally it takes me around like three to five minutes and the balance will be available on your once the balance is available you can just trade it normally. I hope this article was helpful.

Above are all the given instruction to deposit money on the gate.IO exchange.