Benefits and Limitations of Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp Business Features Benefits and Limitations. Recently, Whatsapp Business has been in the headlines quite a bit. Almost everyone in your life, including friends, family, coworkers, and even the barista at your neighbourhood coffee shop, seemed to have joined up and begun using it. You’ve been meaning to jump on board as well, but aren’t sure if it’s truly worth your time and effort?.

Whatsapp Business

So you’ve stuck with your old messaging app till today, when you suddenly have a wonderful idea that you need to share with all of your Whatsapp connections right away!.

Whatsapp Business Features

WhatsApp Business is free to download app that was built with the small business owners in mind. WhatsApp is free to use, whereas messaging providers used to charge a lot of money for sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages. Create a catalog to showcase your products and services.

You can create a business profile with your business information like address along with the location on google map, business description, email, and a website link. With pre-defined Quick replies, you can easily answer common questions in no-time Away Message feature helps you to reply automatically when you are away. With the pre-defined greeting message, you can introduce your customers to your business.

Organize your contacts or chats with labels, to access easily With this info, start using WhatsApp Business app for your business. Video Conferencing and Content Sharing WhatsApp can be used for audio and video conversations in addition to messaging. Pictures are instantly shared.

You don’t have to wait for the person to share the photos with everyone on Bluetooth one by one after taking them. Business and Groups WhatsApp business is now available for enterprises, and you can also create personal WhatsApp groups. Find out where you are.

WhatsApp Location

WhatsApp has released a new function that allows you to track the location of a buddy or contact. It’s called WhatsApp Location and it works for both Android and iOS devices.How does Whatsapp Work? WhatsApp uses your phone number as your identity instead of an email address so you don’t need to create an account or give any personal information such as your name, email address, etc.

It also means that WhatsApp is not linked to any other social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter which makes it more secure. You can also use WhatsApp on multiple devices without having to sign in again because it syncs with your phone number.

Why should you consider using this service?

WhatsApp Business is a new feature that allows you to text large groups of people from your business account. You will be able to broadcast messages to all of your followers or even people that aren’t following you. Whatsapp promises to encrypt messages sent between phones so it will be a safer way for you and your customers to communicate.

These are a few other things that WhatsApp could do for your business. – You can save money on texts by only sending out messages to customers through WhatsApp. – You can message more people at once which will allow you to reach more customers at once. –

You can send pictures and videos through WhatsApp which is great if you want to show off new products or services you offer. If you have any questions about Whatsapp feel free to ask them in the comments below! If you liked my post please consider giving it an upvote or resteeming it! Thanks for reading!.

What are its limits?

There are several limits you need to keep in mind with WhatsApp business. You can’t accept payments on WhatsApp (yet), so it’s not great for e-commerce or subscription businesses. You can’t make marketing calls, either.

The company doesn’t let you import contacts from your phone or link your phone number to your account – which is how some small businesses build their customer lists – but that could change in future updates. Also, you’ll have to pay a $1 a month service fee for each user after 1 million sent messages.

But if all you want is straightforward text messaging with no bells and whistles (and occasional receipts) then WhatsApp should be fine for now.

Other options similar to Whatsapp

When you first hear about WhatsApp plans to limit their free service, you might feel upset if you’re not a paying customer. But don’t let your emotions take over. There are plenty of other options that offer similar (if not better) services for free. To make sure your staff can still communicate effectively and efficiently with customers on different types of devices, review these two popular options:

Google Hangouts (available in Chrome browser as well as an app): This all-in-one communication tool is similar to WhatsApp but also allows users to chat face-to-face using webcams for up to 50 participants. It also offers group video calls, allowing teams to collaborate in real time from anywhere.

Skype: With more than 300 million monthly active users worldwide, Skype is one of the most popular messaging apps out there. It has many of WhatsApp’s features including voice calls and video chats, but it goes beyond basic messaging by offering support for file sharing as well as screen sharing so teams can collaborate remotely without having to be in front of each other’s computers at once.

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