Authors Top Tips for Increasing Productivity

In this article I am going to share with you Authors Top Tips for Increasing Productivity. If someone asks if your getting the most out of your time as you can be as an Author Expert You might be quick to say, “of course!” If you actually look at your circumstances and reflect on your daily routine, you’re likely to identify areas that could be altered to improve the efficiency of your work.

We often don’t realise the amount of time we’ve wasted due to distractions, lack of organization or lack of direction. While we may appear that we’re moving in a hurry however, we could be slowing ourselves down in the process by losing focus on the process.

To ensure that you’re getting the most out from your day, we encourage you to revisit the areas that could affect your productivity.

Take a look at our suggestions below for how authors can increase their productivity and keep pace with the authors who seem to have it easy.

1. Make clear your goals and commit to them

Our top tip to increase productivity comes as no big surprise. Doing the project without proper plan and clearly defined goals can result in poor outcomes. 

The first step is to establish goals that can be achieved as well as visualize your finished product as soon as possible, not once it’s close to its completion. The advice found in this article can help you remain efficient and stay true to your objectives.

2. Delegate Chores that aren’t necessary

The majority of parents assign daily chores and obligations for their kids. Similar to this, many authors benefit from outsourcing work in their businesses. Consider your job; do you manage all of it on your own? As with setting your goals, you can try recording all the weekly or daily tasks that you perform in your company. 

Sort them according to importance. When you’re finished, you’ll be able to see a good list of tasks that you can remove or assign to someone else.

3. You must stop Multitasking all Day

There are days that we believe that we can complete everything in one sitting with no consequences. Even if you are able to meet your objectives in the course of your day, when you’re shifting between different tasks, you’re losing time during the process of shift. 

It’s also possible to lose your thoughts in the process! The more concentrated you are on a particular project, the shorter you will need to finish.

4. Save it for later

You’re finally able to tackle an urgent task, but you come upon an interesting piece of writing or social media post that is grabbing your interest. Instead of putting it aside to read later, you decide to either or look it up right away. 

This isn’t right! To remain focus, you should keep these distractions to a later time. They only result in more reading, comments or sharing, and a decrease in productivity. 

There are a variety of excellent tools for saving material to read later at an later date. For instance, you could make use of the bookmark feature in your Internet browser. Or, if you’re on Facebook you can choose to save posts to read later by clicking the down arrow on the right in the article.

5. Improve Your Environment

If you’re working on a crucial writing assignment, you must to be comfortable and make the most efficient possible use of your environment. Clean workspaces and adequate lighting are crucial! Place windows back so that there is no distraction from outside. 

Spend a few minutes reading the article Creating a Healthy Writing Space for more details on how to enhance your work space.

6. Create Time Limits for Meetings

Meetings with friends and family can provide a relaxing way to relax but they cause a lot of disruption. If you’re the person in the charge in the group, establish an time limit, or better yet, display the stopwatch in a way that everyone is able to observe. 

You must be relentless in tackling this gruelling productivity loss to ensure it doesn’t spiral out of control. Instead of weekly meetings, hold them once a month, and go over more topics with a greater speed. 

Any material not intended to be shared with the entire team must be discussed in each department individually.

7. Embrace New Technology

If you’re thinking about an issue you’re facing in any aspect of business, you’ll find an app that can assist you! There are some incredible tools that help with everyday office tasks like Evernote which can keep track of and organize your thoughts, information , and media. 

Apps, gadgets and programs are appearing all over the world to help writers with their writing and ideas generation. Explore something new every month. You’ll not know the possibilities if you do not actively engage in the new technology and allow it into your writing!

8. Set up Email Rules to stay on top of things

If you’re familiar to the normal office routine, you’re familiar with the stress of email. No matter which application you’re using for your email, you’ll need to be a vigilant master and establish the right rules to automatically sort your emails. 

Your eyes shouldn’t be required to be glued to every item of spam mail, or even a question directed to the wrong department. Also, let technology ease your stress by blocking out unnecessary content that can disrupt your routine.

9. Learn to Speak “No .

Teamwork can be essential in any company. But the practice of saying “yes” to anything to aid your coworker or friend is not a sustainable strategy. Learn to be able to say “no” whenever the task is likely to put additional stress on your own work. Let your other person(s) conscious of the deadlines you set and they’ll respect your guidelines and allow you to remain productive.

 Do it with a smile! Smile and suggest a different way for them to go.

10. Bonus Tip! Shut off the TV and your Gadgets

We’ve saved this tip to last since should it be mentioned at the start we would find that the majority of our viewers would be completely off! Television smartphones, TV and other distractions hold us in their hands aren’t they? They can change our mood, from productive to disengaged and naive. 

You’d be surprised by the fact that television and other electronic devices can be a real productivity killer. 

Keep in mind this quote from an entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker “Successful individuals have libraries. They have big screens televisions” Jim Rohn

To get a funny take on reducing distractions, read 10 Distractions That Destroy productivity: The FALSE Advice.

We invite you to think about your own pace of writing and the goals you wish to accomplish. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the process of planning your next writing series , or you’re completing the final product. 

You should think about how you can enhance your productivity, and what tasks you could abandon on your way towards success.

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