5 Ways to Effectively Reuse Your Blog Posts

5 Ways to Effectively Reuse Your Blog Posts. The days of “one-size-fits-all” marketing methods are long gone. Your readership is now dispersed over a number of different web platforms.

This could make it more difficult for firms to supply relevant content across several platforms. However, there is a simple and quick way to do so: reuse your blog material!

Here are a Few Ideas for Reusing your blogs posts across Platforms

  1. To social media posts – Take a few key ideas from your blog post and split them down into Instagram captions, Twitter tweets, and Linkedin text posts.
  2. YouTube Videos – Your blog article can also be used as a video script. Make it more conversational so it doesn’t appear as if you’re just reading.
  1. To podcasts – If you’re not used to making videos, podcasting is a good place to start. Make your episodes’ scripts out of your blog articles. Make sure to rewrite some lines to sound as if you’re speaking directly to your audience.
  2. Newsletters – Instead than relying on email marketing to persuade clients to buy from you, consider putting out an educational newsletter. Send your blog article as an email attachment or include it in your newsletter (like we do!).
  3. Ebooks – Were you surprised? Yes, you can put your blogs into a short guide or Ebook. When you have a collection or series of blog posts, combine them into one large resource.
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