5 Tips for Choosing the Best Credit Repair Company

Once you have credit issues, finding the right best credit repair company might mean the difference between seeing a significant improvement in your credit scores and seeing little or no change at all. Here are five pointers to help you choose the best credit repair company for your needs.

Best Credit Repair Company Tip 1: Recognize your issues.

You need to know how big the problem is before you start looking for the best credit repair firm. Most people discover they have bad credit after being turned down for a loan or a credit card. If that’s the case, you’re in luck: you may get a free copy of the credit file that was used to reject you credit. Otherwise, you’ll have to request a copy of your credit report from each bureau separately.

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Make a list of any concerns you find, such as late payments, charge-offs, collection accounts, judgments, bankruptcy, or liens, after you obtain copies of your credit report. If you were denied a loan or credit card, you should be able to understand where your major problems are by looking at the grounds for your credit refusal. Otherwise, simply make a list of all the flaws in your report.

Tip #2 from the Best Credit Repair Company: Prioritize Your Needs

Trying to get rid of an old charge-off could not have as much of an impact as updating a current account to demonstrate that you’ve made on-time payments for the previous six months. Determine which areas you wish to concentrate on and whether you require more assistance in understanding your consumer rights. You should also decide which services will benefit you the most. Some credit restoration organizations, for example, offer creditor discussions.

If you require any additional services to clean up your credit record, establish a note so you don’t forget about them once you begin researching credit repair providers.

Best Credit Repair Company Tip 3: Watch Out for Scammers

Don’t fall into the “pay now for service later” trap. If you pay anything at all up front it should be for reasonable set-up and administrative fees. Otherwise, avoid any credit repair company that charges you before the work is done. The best credit repair companies will offer a pricing breakdown so you can see where the money you pay gets spent.

Also avoid any “guaranteed” credit repair. There is no way that any credit repair company can offer a 100% guarantee of improved credit, because each consumer’s situation is different. Keep you expectations realistic and you’ll eliminate 80% of the scam artists out there. For the rest, a quick visit to the Better Business Bureau’s website can shed some light on the company’s reputation.

Best Credit Repair Company Tip 4: Confirm Past Results Before You Sign

Once you’ve chosen the best credit repair company for your situation, take the time to find out a bit more before you sign on the dotted line. Ask to speak with past clients, or take a look at feedback the company has received elsewhere. Make sure that this company has experience with similar credit problems such as yours, and that they understand what you need help with.

Most credit repair companies are happy to answer questions, and the best ones often have dedicated agents that can help you before you decide to sign up. Remember, you shouldn’t be paying a lot (if anything) up front for your credit repair.

Best Credit Repair Company Tip 5: Stay Proactive

Handing off your credit repair doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep up with what’s going on. Even if you have the best credit repair company in the world, you need to stay on top of the credit repair efforts and ask any questions you may have as the situation changes.

You especially want to pay attention to any items that the credit repair company was not able to remove – was your documentation inadequate? If so, do you have more information you could use to help prove your case? Staying on top of credit repair is the only way to make sure you get the best credit scores out of your investment.

No matter which credit repair company you ultimately choose, following these five tips will help you to make sure that you get the best credit repair company for your particular situation, so that you get the most improvement in your credit scores.

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