1 Million Dollar Bounty on Putin

Today’s viral story is about a 1 million dollar bounty on Putin head in 2022. Putin is “furious” that the Ukraine invasion hasn’t been “simple,” according to a Ukrainian intelligence report. Putin is reportedly striking out at his inner circle out of frustration, according to US officials.

As Russia intensifies its [attacks] the international community is contributing tens of thousands of weapons and ammunition units to the country.

Ukraine’s president refused an offer from the US government to evacuate the country yesterday. “The conflict is here; I don’t need a ride; I need ammunition,” Zelensky replied.

President Biden have used phrase “invasion” to describe recent Russian military operations, implying that the situation is heating up.

Western leaders swiftly imposed a series of sanctions on Russia, while the Ukrainian government began recruiting reservists aged 18 to 60.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent soldiers into separatist-controlled areas of Ukraine. Putin justified the decision by claiming claimed Ukrainian strikes on Russia, which Kyiv insists is a complete fabrication.

Earlier this week, US intelligence indicated that Russian commanders had received orders to invade Ukraine. Last Monday, Biden stated that he is now certain that Putin would invade Ukraine, but he is still open to negotiations.

Fears of a Russian invasion have prompted the United States to evacuate the majority of its embassy staff in Ukraine. According to new intelligence, Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine before the Olympics end.

On February 16, security services allegedly discovered a detailed blueprint for a Russian invasion of Ukraine. The US has committed an additional 3,000 troops to Poland.

At the very same time, President Biden and other world leaders are working to find diplomatic solutions to the Ukraine crisis.

Biden contacted Russian President Vladimir Putin to warn him that any invasion would cost Russia a “swift and heavy” price, not just in terms of human suffering but also in terms of its international prestige.

Russia was expected to wait until the Olympics were completed, according to previous reports. The Russian Navy has dispatched 30 ships to the Black Sea for military drills, escalating already heightened tensions.

As a result, countries all over the world have begun to encourage their citizens to leave Ukraine.

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